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    how to find the true muslim lover?
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    It can come before, but it can not be shared until after marriage; before such, it is only something that is viewed in how one feels about themself and the world; even then, one never knows.
    ALLAH can give you such, if you trust HIM and follow HIS lead .
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    good question ... and i pray that you will find him :) .... true muslim lover ....i think it exist with a muslim who knows what is true love ... and true love is to love God ... when you see and observe the love of God to you then you will see the true love and you will understand it better and understand what does a true love mean...then it will devolop inside you and you will start to love God and then it will grow to love what God loves and love all God's creation ..and among that you will love your wife and it will be true love .... the prophet is the best example ... the seerah is the best movie of a true love ... muslims love the prophet very much, they are willing to go out demonstrations to defend him , they are willing to give their lives to defend him ... they didn't even see him ... what if they saw him .... why is this ..because his love was true to his followers ... his love was above the love of benefits and things and desires ...his love was very high one .... to love God ... and that is very rare ,but i really pray that you will find it ... one thing to share i read recently ..when God created beauty ..half of it was given to prophet jospeh and the other half is to the rest of the creations ... the woman in his story(the queen) was very crazy about him said that she spent all her money on him .... anyway it said that after the king died she got married to joseph ..then she learned from him and she start to love God , then it said that she used to fast in the day time and be busy with worshipping and praying in the night time .. just to be away from joseph because she is busy with the love of God ... she found a ture love that on one can resist ... and that is why the prophet said to marry the righteous person beause he/she has true love... not every religious is righteous, but every righteous is religouse ...this was the stroy of the true muslim lover :) i hope that i answered your question ..or that it make sense to you ..
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    Well, the brother is right. It can only comes after marriage.

    To me, one of the qualities of a true muslim lover is a husband who continue to love his legally married wife in Islam, despite knowing her flaws and weaknesses, who may appear less attractive compared to many attractive women in this world but in his eyes, She's the most beautiful woman in his life. And Vice Versa, same goes for the wife too!

    Take care all!

    May Allah grant us with life partners who are our Nour-el Ain (Light of the eyes). Ameen..

    Barakallahu Feeki,
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    muslim lover ? in what ? Astagfirullah it can come only after Marriage :)
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