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    salams to whomever is malooka,not really but that'll do for now,this is my first time.don't get excited i mean first time on the net and i would like to chat and discuss issues that people don't like to talk about to people that they know who can judge without seeing the full picture.example.if you love someone and you know that they can hurt you physically or emotionally,could they change?should you hold on or give up?
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  • View author's info Posted on Sep 27, 2006 at 04:27 AM

    Salaam Malooka.

    I hope you are well. If you love someone should you stay with them if they hurt you over and over again? Well, depending on the situation if they are unfaithful?? no way. They will continue to be that way.
    A good person is one that knows to take other people's feelings into consideration, and if your man doesn't do that... then... I would say that it he doesn't think very much of you as a person. You need to sit down and think of the good times and what this person offers you. If the hurt outweighs the good, then you're with the wrong person sister.
    You can pray to Almighty Allah for patience and if this person is god fearing then there may be a change. But if this person physically hurts you, this is not acceptable and there is no excuse for physical violence. I hope that this gives you some sort of help sister.
    May Allah t'Allah guide you.
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 25, 2006 at 04:43 PM

    salaam malooka..first time or what Ur question..well wot can i say I'm in that boat sister n the ans war to Ur question is NO they can never change..a leopard can never change his spots..u have to be one hell of a strong women to really endure the hell that Ur partner puts u through.and then still despite all hell he still feels that he is right n u are wrong..

    my advise to u sister is that dont ever put Ur self into a relationship knowing fully well that the person will never change their ways..especially when u are so in love that's when really know what that person is like..

    if despite all this u still want to carry on the relationship then welcome to hell sister coz that will be what u would be put through over n over again..Ur patience will be tested until either he or u really its no use putting urself through all that in the name of love..its best to be with some one who is god fearing n humble..if i was in Ur place i would go for someone who has a big heart n god fearing..his assets would not interest me..
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