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    each one of us says i am a muslim
    a terrorist says he is a muslim( a jihadi is terrorist for world but if we see from our religious point of view he is a firm believer in GOD)??
    looking from a non muslims perspective can we say islam is a good religion teaching jihadies to kill and attack non muslims as the holy hadith says????

    is the world wrong or our religion that is written like stories in book

    if i am wrong can any one correct me

    idiot people are not suppose to talk here!!!!!!
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    I know Islam and Christians don't mix, but is it only because it's Westerners that mostly push the religion?
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    The Qur'an says: "God forbids you not, with regards to those who fight you not for [your] faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them; for God loveth those who are just." (Qur'an, 60:8)

    The above verse is in favour of Non Muslims who do not harm Muslims or Islam in any way.

    Not all of the believers should go to fight. Of every section of them, why does not one part alone go forth, that the rest may gain knowledge of the religion and admonish their people when they return, that perhaps they may take warning" (Qur'an 9:122).

    And on the above verse ALLAH orders people to become Scholars of Islam and teach to other Muslims
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    islam means the total submission to the will of allah, by no means shall any muslim transgress upon any unless they are oppressors of mankind. acccording to the religion this is true. we must spite at the neck of the evil doers and fight those who transgress against us the muslim {allah's religion}
    this is quran 2:190-193crusaders aswell as shia oppressors and non muslim brother as sidiq
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    You are mistaken, there are many verses in Quran which ask Muslims to counsel Scholars.
    As far as Jihadis are concerned, it is only a minority of Islamic scholars which have ties to them.

    It is the effect of the media
    that we denounce our scholars.

    Scholars or Moulana is a person who helps us to know our relegion better.

    There are many complications in taking decisions frm the Quran. The present misinterpretation is also a fact.

    Like killing non Muslims is not allowed in Islam unless thay harm Muslims but many of the JIhadis proclaim to do so.

    This is because they consider only one verse or two for taking a decision.But theproper way is to consider all the verses of Quran and see if somewhere there is a verse which negates our idea or not.
    This can only be achieved when we have the complete knowledge of the Quran and its Exigesis.

    For that we have to read many books which are again written by Scholars.

    If anyone thinks that mere translation is enough to understand the whole of the quran , then he/she is mistaken as we must also consider the conditoins in which the verses were revealed etc.

    Scholars merely help us to understand that.
    However we must not blindly follow what they say but we must also enquire and debate about their decisions in case we feel that they are wrong.

    Simply alienating fron the scholars again is a mistake.
    As we would lose a lot of knowledge.

    By the way have youever met some good scholar or studied in an Islamic University???
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    Islam literally means Surrender, Submission, that is, the complete handing over of one's self to another. Islam also means Peace.
    Islam as a religion means an unconditional and complete
    submission to the All-Supreme and the Absolute Sovereign
    authority of the Allah Almighty. In other words, the total submission of the individual will to the Universal will of the
    Allah Almighty. Whoever does this is a Muslim.
    In fact, once one does this one's individual will ceases to
    operate and it becomes subject to the Universal will of the Lord.
    In relation to this state of submission, the Holy Qur'an declares:

    Say: Verily my prayer and my sacrifice, my life and my
    death (are all, only) for God, the Lord of the worlds.
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    Muslims are ones who follow the Koran and Hadith and do not follow moulanas, mullahs, pirs, so and so. A man who follows Koran he can not kill any one as Koran says"killing one is like killing all human being in the world" Can you then kill any one as if you killed all? Those who kill they are not Muslims as they do not follow the Koran and Hadith. If you just change your name to a christian one will you be a christian? Of course not. To be a muslim you must follow the Koran and Hadith otherwise you can not call yourself a muslim.
    from kind2u
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