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    Salamu Alikum sister,

    Few months ago, i read this Hadis of Prophet (SAW).What i rememberd at the moment is 'Woman is selected for four things,her welath,family,beautiy and Iman.Whoever will marry a woman without iman will be a looser.'May Allah forgive me if i am making any mistake in understanding or writing this Hadis.

    Personally, i think Iman is the most important attribute of a woman, but if guys now a day also intrested in other attributes is also ok, unless they will not neglect the most important attribute.

    We are living in a period of second ignorance. Less and less guys are aware of the importance of the value iman.

    May Allah guide us.(Amen)

    Barallah Fee Khair

    Umar Farooq
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