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    Religion has always been a topic to ponder over. You get topics like. Which religion is right? I say stop debating and listen for a change. People will come to find out most religions even though they are different they are simular in many ways.
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    Except for Christianity. Christianity is not a religion, it is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
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    Hi Ponyboy. to some extent many religions do say simular things. This is because Islaam(Sumbmission to the will of Allah)was brought by different prophets and messengers in various forms to people throught he ages. But Islaam brought by the FINAL messenger (Mohammed s.a.w) was brought for all mankind and for the rest of time. We believe in Isa / jesus and Moses / Musa may Allah send peace andblessings upon them, so bits of their way will still be simular. Other falso religions like hinduism ect may have been influenced by previous true messeges ay way. But the most important thing where all religions and ways of life differ to Islaam is that True Islaam (despite some muslims) and the
    quran still exist in its original form. Therefore Islaam is the only one that teaches tru monetheism i.e the belief in Allah's ones and uniqueness. Non / nothing what so ever has the right to be worrshiped in truth, exept Allah who is Lord of the worlds and all that exists.
    Check and for schollarly works on the topic of Tawhead. Tawhead means the Ones of Allah. Basically a muslim can worship as much as he or she wants but if thier understanding of Allah / tawhead is incorrect then thier worship is not excepted. Hope this helps.
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