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    Salaam alaikum all,

    geldingforyou I can certainly say you've got loads of thawabs today just for making me laugh. I really feel for you and apart from the whole suicide thing I think I've had the same thoughts.
    I mean is it me or¿¿is being a divorced woman such a horrible thing to be. I've been seperated from my X and now offically divorced for 4 and a 1/2yrs. Its been hard for me (looking after a child on your own for 4yrs isnt¿ easy work) but I think alhamdullilahi I've managed well and all in all largely due to my faith I think I've managed to come through.
    Enter mother who feels that the answer to all my prayers is another husband. Now I agree that I do miss having someone to love and be a friend to me in day to day life but the whole once bitten twice shy thing really holds true¿for me.
    I was fine (honest!!!) but now its all getting a bit depressing as It seems to me that when guys see you are divorced they either
    1think you have this super dupper experience which they can have (trust me I really don't have this magical experience)
    2or they wonder what horrid acts you could have done to "make" your husband leave you.
    Either way you're pretty much doomed. I¿wonder should I ¿go back to my "happy" existence of concerntrating on my child and raising her in a good enviroment and just forget the whole dream of being with someone whom you can grow to love.
    Love doesn't exist anyway does it?
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    oh u made me laugh bro..i personally dont think that age matters..its what u are on the inside that matters most of all..anyway good luck in finding ur wife hopefully inshallah
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    I think I've almost given up finding
    a relationship, mostly due to my
    circumstances. One suggested that
    I look for only older women who
    have already had all the children
    they want, another suggested that
    suicide is a good option for me.
    Sorry, I've already resigned myself
    that the second option is not a good
    solution. I will simply continue to
    look and put a smile on my face.
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