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    Asalamu Alaykum WR WB

    Alhamdu Lillah this past December i was engaged to a sister. Ever since it's been heck. From her parents not returning the Salam to not even caring if i'm there, at there house or even alive. There wasn't a time that i said salam to her father that he would only put his hand into mine and not return the salam; that or i'm deaf.

    Right before my engagement my father cheated on my mother and married some other one. La 7awla wala quwata Illa BiLlah. May Allah (swt) forgive him for putting my family into a depressive state.

    Right along with my story. I respect and will do anything for the sister, and the last thing i want to do is break her heart. But at the same time i've had enough with her parents and will do anything to get away from them; sounds bad i know, but it's true. I deserve better then this.

    So brothers and sisters, what do i do?

    Jazakum Allahu Khayran,

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    aoa brother saghebery,

    i can understand ur story my in laws are like that.

    i agree with the other brother but one thing that you have to take on board bro is that ur only enegaged at the moment..whats gonna happen when u get married?..it was hell for me but what about you...another thing that has come to mind is that are the sisters family religious..if they are not then maybe they dont want to be..so they try to ignore you..however if they are then maybe they might think that you are not superior as them. if this is not the case bro then please tell us was this an arranged marriage or was it urs and the sisters descion?..if it was then they just might not like you..which will beeasy to resolve coz thats a natural feeling..or it could mean that your not man enough so they treat you like the child or person with no brains coz they see you as having nothing in means of property or education.

    what ever the reason bro you have to ask your fiance..other wise this silly issuse can escalate.
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    I don't know your full story; but if they are Muslim then all you need to do is be a good Muslim. You need to attend the Jumu'ah on a regular basis and even participate. When they see this, they cannot help but feel ashamed and guilty at their behavior. They will know that you are on the side of Allah and he with you. To reject you will be to reject Allah. Do not give up. Keep it going and let your behavior be your life. In time, all will be forgotten and better days are to come. Especially when you have children together.

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