meaninG of Quranic surah name Pakistani Muslims

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    meaninG of Quranic surah name
    Surah Al- Fatihah
    The opening
    Surah Al- BAqurah
    The cow
    Surah Imran
    name of PRophet HAZART Imran (AS)
    Surah An- Nisa
    The woman
    Surah Al- Ma'idah
    The table
    Surah Al- An'am
    The cattle
    Surah Al- A'raf
    Surah Al- Anfal
    THe spoils
    Surah At Taubah
    Surah Yunus
    name of prophet
    surah Hud
    name of prophet
    surah Yusuf
    name of prophet
    Surah Ar- Ra'd
    The thunder
    surah Ibrahim
    name of prophet
    Surah Al Hijr
    place name where the nation samood was reside between madina and sham
    Surah An Nahl
    The bee
    Surah Al- Isaa
    night journey
    Surah Al Kahf
    THe cave
    Surah Maryam
    name of mother of HAZART ESA(AS)
    Surah Taha
    name of MuhammaD(SAW)
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    Jazak Allah khair! I was really looking for some information of this kind!

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