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    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, what I am going to show you is the truth about what the Shi'ites think of us Sunni Muslims. The Shi'ites may tell you that we are the same and that they love us but beware because the Shi'ites also believe that it is okay and that they will get lots of reward for lying to Sunni Muslims about what they beleive in....Below is the truth that the Shi'ites tried to hide from us for so long, it exposes the pure hatred that they hold against the Sunni Muslims. (the Shi'ites practise Taqayyah which means to conceal or lie about their beleifs)

    Mohammad bin Al-hassan Toosi reports on the authority of Ishhaq bin Ammar, that Abu Abdullah said "The wealth, the property and everything which belongs to a Sunni is actually yours (is legal for you)" (Tahzib-ul Ahkam, Vol. 2 Kitabul Makasib, p. 116, published in Iran) above in this Shi'ites book it states that all Shi'ites can steal from any Sunni Muslim and that there is nothing wrong with that.

    Moallah Khonas reported that Abdullah said "snatch the possessions of a Sunni whereever you find it and hand over my share (ie. One fifth) to me" (Tahzib ul Ahkam). Brothers and Sisters in Islam these Shi'ites think that they can steal our possessions and who knows what else they would like to do to us Sunni Muslims!

    The Shi'ites say this regarding Sunni Muslims "Although Allah, the Exalted, has not created a creature worse than a dog, yet a Nasbi (ie. A Sunni) is worse than even a dog." (Haqqul Yakeen (Persian) Vol 2, P. 516) Here the Shi'ites have said that Sunni Muslims are worse than Dogs!

    the rest is comming insha Allah ......
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    73 sects my brother and only 1 will be excepted, unfortunately there are divisions in the sunni sect as i was told, just make shure you are in the right ONE inshaalah
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 30, 2006 at 11:27 PM

    Brother Sumsuam:
    You need to be careful when browsing the internet. There are many website out there that look Islamic or Salafi
    in particular, which are really not authentic. Just be careful! They are run
    by governments who like to spread divisions smong muslims: Divide and conquer!.
    If we just pick a sentence from a muslim book and interpret it the way we want and thereby judging a whole group on thta, and worse than that ejecting them from the muslim faith, I think it is totally unfair, and remember above all that God will ask us about all our
    deeds and behaviours.

    1- You mentioned that a Shia book
    says that you can steal your Sunni neighbour and they are worse than a dog.
    fine. This is totally wrong. Why?
    Because you interpreted the word "Nasibi" on your own as being equal to a "Sunni". I asked a Shia clergy about this and he explained the following:

    "Nasibi" derives from the Arabic word
    Nasaba ( past tense), meaning Nsaba-
    ala'adaa li AhlulBayt- Declarer of enemity to the Family of Prophet (swt),
    the person who makes his enemity and
    hostility openly and fights against them!

    2- Again you claim that Shia say that
    Sunnis will never go to paradise.
    Wrong. Because you mentioned that they use the word "Nasibi" which is again
    doesn't mean a "Sunni". Just don'y misguide other people.
    All Muslim Faqihs ( people of Fiqh, legislation) agree upon one thing that
    a Muslim does not stay forever in Hell
    (eternally, Khulud), but we might be
    chastisized a bit for our sins in Hell
    depending on the kind of sins we do.

    3- You are misleading people by saying that Shia consider us ( Sunnis) as infidels and Imam Mahdi will only come to kill us before killing the Kuffar?!
    merely because the concept of Imam Mahdi is not a property of the Shittes. It is a Muslim concept and we (sunnis) believe in him as well. It is found in the 7 major books of Sunnah, but the difference is that we believe that he will be born when time comes.
    continued later.
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 14, 2006 at 01:14 AM

    Wa alikom aslam,

    The Shi'ites say that we will never go to Paradise! "It is contained in several sources of information that they, (the assumed Imams of Shias) said: 'Should every angel that Allah, the Exalted and Gracious, has created, every prophet that Allah has appointed, every truthfull martyr, (collectively) pray to Allah, the Exalted and Gracious, to release a Nasbi (a Sunni) from the Hell, Allah would never release him." (Haqqul-Yaqeen, (Arabic), Vol. 2 P. 192) This is what the Shi'ites realy think about us!!! They say that if anyone who is a Sunni Muslim will go to Hell!!! Don't these Shi'ites know what they are saying??

    This is what the Shi'ites say will happen when their so-called Imams will return "When Qaem alaihissalam appears, he will start slaughtering Sunnis and their Ulema before slaughtering the infidels (kuffar)." (By the term "Quem" the Shi'ites mean Imam Mahdi, their twelveth Imam) So here the Shi'ites state that we are not Muslims, and that we are worse than the infidels (kuffar)

    So dear Brothers and Sisters, how can the Shi'ites expect us to be friends with them when they Insult us and call us Kauffar behind our backs. So when a Shi'ite Insults a Sunni he is also Insulting all the Scholars and all of those pious people in Islam, can't these Shi'ites see what is wrong with their own beleifs???
    May Allah Guide the Shi'ites to the True Islam, and May Allah show us what the Shi'ites really are, Ameen.

    for additional information search for the word "Al Khutoot Al Areedah", its a good book containing alot about shia
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 13, 2006 at 04:17 PM

    Aslam Wa'alekum Dear brother!!
    I want to thank you very much for bringing us the truth about those shiites, everything you said is 100% also want you to let everybody know that those people are so harmless to us, we are the people of truth, our grandfathers (including Ali Abn abi talb and his sons)are the ones who brought Islam to every corner of the world. Their grandfathers in the other hand are the one who destroyed Islam like Abdulah Abin Alalkmey: the cowered who brought the Tatars and the Mongolians into Iraq (Blad Arafdeen at that time). shiites have no history what so ever: ask any shiite about their history, you would find no answer except lies like you said.
    shiites are Jewish and Persians made, after the fall of the Persian Empire the strongest empire at that time on the hands our grandfathers(sahabas) some Persians faked Islam. some of those fake Persian Muslims, along with the a Jew fake Muslim Abdullah abin Saba from Yemen, came up with idea of creating a group of Muslims and call them shi'its in order to divide Islam. some of the shiites believes and rituals are the worst in the history of mankind: like Zwag Aluarfi which a marriage allowing them self to marry for week, two or whatever they want any time they want to, disbelieving in all sahabas especially the biggest names in Islam like abubaker, omer, Ottman,and Kaled abin Awaleed, disbelieving in some Soras in the Quran Like (abasa watawalla) disbelieving in Gebreel and beleaving that gebreel cheated Allah and gave the Rsallah(message) to prophet Muhammad instead of Ali, and so many other crap.

    Thank you again brother sumsuam from Egypt.
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