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    Perhaps love is a true human emotional sense of respect and simply devotion! Whom all our parents have past on through Allah's wishes!
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    we have shared.
    Always ana ma'ak Remember?................
    I need you now , open your heart, I am there. It's not me that hurts
    you ,
    but the life, and It's only life, I am so much more,
    I've seen you appear before me with many faces, As you have seen me,
    but always we have been together. Please Remember....................
    I need you to Remember.................
    Close your eyes, What do you see? "IS IT ME"?
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    IF ONLY YOU COULD REMEMBER?.....................

    What are you afraid of, if you touch my hand, will you get your wish?
    close your eyes , feel me breathe; as I rest my lips to your face. What
    do you see? "IS IT ME" ?
    I can feel your breath, I remember............
    You are my wish , I didn't come to you as you imagined, "but it's me",
    Why do you cry? Ana ma'ak ,feel me breathe, take my breath,
    I will never leave you, ana awedak
    Ana awedak, we are always together , but you are afraid,
    I am your wish, I always have been. I don't come to you as you
    imagined, "but it's me" Remember?...................
    You can feel my tears against your face,not sadness. Emotions that this
    life cant explain, feel me; do you see? I'm not as you imagined,"but
    it's me"
    I can feel your body begin to tremble, What are you afraid of?
    Ana ma'ak, don't let go of my hand, ana ma'ak lel abad.
    What do you see ? "IS IT ME"?
    I know now you are remembering, don't be afraid, Ana ma'ak,
    I have always been with you, when a Love is this strong in life and
    we hide what hurts us, so don't be afraid, understand. Its not what you
    but what you feel, this we keep with us, Remember?....................
    Many years we have traveled, many life's
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    Hi,I am Student virtual university of Pakistan,Ghotki Sindh.
    I want You to love and, You want I to love.Please you contectme
    and beautiful Girl and I love you.
    Please don?t Forgate me ,and latter you answer soon

    Written by Munir Ahmed Soomro

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    I'm not sure what love is at this point.
    I can give it and do give it, but why it does not come back is a mystery to me. In my case giving is my joy.
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    the big love i know is should be to alla and mohamed
    and the small love i know is love each others and no thing else Iknow
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    nice one sistah
    love is food of mind
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    All human beings during their lives tend to experience love and friendship. Human love can be classified into three basic categories according to its intensity, quality and limitations. The first form of love is the friendship that is based on social conventions where two people behave in accordance with the following principle: "I for myself, you for yourself; we love each other, and we have no expectations of each other." This form of love is that of ordinary people, whose love relationships tend to be of this nature.

    The second form of love is based on a more solid foundation and those who live together usually experience this kind of love: "I for you, you for me; we love each other, having mutual expectations of each other." This form of love includes profound love as well as the love found within most families, involving emotional give and take on an equal footing.

    The third kind of love transcends all conventions based on mutual expectations and is based on the following principle: "I am for you, you are for whoever you choose; I accept whatever you want without any expectations whatsoever."

    The Sufi's devotion to God and to the master of the Path represents this latter form of love. This third kind of love is not based upon any constraints or conditions, and the Sufi who possesses mis kind of love says with contentment and submission to God: "I am satisfied with whatever You want without any expectations, and love You without any thought of reward."

    The Sufi's love of God is not based upon any expectation of reward or fear of punishment, for the Sufi does not have any wishes and demands. The Sufi embraces and loves God's wrath as much as His grace, His hardheartedness as much as His fidelity.

    Only a few Sufis have managed to annihilate themselves in the Beloved through the path of such love and friendship. It is about these Sufis that Rumi has said:

    Everything is the Beloved,
    and the lover but a veil;
    The Beloved is alive,
    while the lover is dead.

    Thus, we see that the highest form of human love is 'Sufi Love'. Alas, it is a polo ball that only the most distinguished and perfected human beings are worthy of putting into play.
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    Iam Farrukh Ali Khan from RWP & want a sincere friend from somewhere near to me with whom i can share my feelings and temptations.
    To personify legendary professionalism, as a part of an overall drive
    To be a legendary human being.

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    Sara love, that is a very intelligent thing to say, you see nowadays nobody looks at the eyes of they parents and just do what will make them happy?but that?s not what makes Allah happy, your parents have given you birth and no matter what they should come first. So well done for putting your parents before your own happiness?inshallah Allah will give you a lot of happiness, your also right in saying that the men should take the first steps no doubt..speak to you soon
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    hey sara
    have you really been hurt by love that badlt that it is soooo pianful for you>
    you see us humans are not in control about who we love are we?
    anyway i will do dua you are back together with your loved one!!
    but is it possible?
    khuda hafis and best of luck?
    i would love to get to know you
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    People often ask us what love mean to us!! Well where can I start from what can I say? Love is this and love is that but love is something you cannot find the right words for?..it is indescribable?words it self are not strong enough to describe the true meaning of love?.
    You see I am one who says to folk ?do not believe in love it will come back and haunt you? but who am I lying to? No one but myself. I never thought I would ever fall in love but the truth is you can not choose whom you fall in love with and when! it is not in your control and comes naturally, unplanned??
    You see when we hear the word love we automatically think about the love between a man and a woman but there are many different ways of loving someone, for example the love between you and your mother, sister, father, friends, pets etc but the other kind of love is the love between you and someone from the opposite gender. Someone who you would do anything for, give your life to that?s what you call real love?and the thing people go on about Love at first sight is so immature coz how can you fall in love with someone without getting to know the ins and outs of that person?. it just don?t work.
    Nowadays youngsters say we are in love and bull but don?t know the true meaning of love?
    Words I would describe love as feel affection for, adore, worship, be in love with, be devoted to, care for, find irresistible, very keen on??these are some signs of being in love or loving someone.
    Personally I think the strongest for love is painful you see when things go wrong and after you have loved someone your world collapses and people who have truly been in love never forget or get over there lovers???well I didn?t and its been 4 years?..but you see after that I have never got involved with anyone again so I suppose Allah has showed me/us why our shariah clearly states why we should keep away from getting involved because Allah don?t want to get hurt.
    So if you want any more information about Love you know where I am?contact me guys I will try and help you and give you advice (if I can).
    Khuda hafis
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    SALAAM. People ask what is love. People answer love is love. But when we think about it love is something indescribable, you can not find the correct words or meaning for love?..where can I start from what can I say? Brothers and sisters I am one who do not really believe in ?love?well I say I don?t but who am I lying to am actually lying to myself.
    Well you see when people mention the word love we all automatically start thinking about the love between a man and a woman but love comes in all different shapes and sizes what I mean by this is there are many types of love?the love between you and your mother, father, brother, sister, friends, your pets etc etc?but the other kind of love cannot be mixed up this is the love between a man and a woman?someone who you will do anything for, give anything to with no limits?you will break through any barrier to get to this love, this person you love so dearly that you can give your life to them?..this kind of love cannot be helped its happens naturally, real love has to work both ways?..love is affection?
    When you love someone doesn?t mean you don?t argue, fight with but who share all aspects of life with this person, sadness, happiness, anger, all emotions you go through??.
    So people next time somebody ask you what is LOVE? Tell them love has no words to describe it??.
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    (khwahish dil se nahi rohn se honi chahiye,mohabbat zindagi se nahi khuda se honi chahhiye.)

    Desire should not be from heart but from ur soul,love should not be for the world but for Allah
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    As salamu alaikum good poem sista you have alot of the emotional feelings right BUT , I'D HAVE TO SAY LOVE IS "ALLAH" think about it unequaled and surpassed by none. He sustains all creation out of love even the most treacherous of his creation, even when his creation is ungrateful ,takes his love for granted, disobeys him ,lies on him tries to cheat him, takes other lords besides him. The list goes on and on but Allah is still there for each and every one of us ,closer than our juglar vein. What is love they ask? Allah , unselfish giving of ones self. I believe if we could really learn this we could go to the next level, but we must practice what Allah say's SPEND O SON OF ADAM, AND I SHALL SPEND ON YOU . it's all about giving , The main thing we give to Allah to show are loyalty and love is our Time Thats my opinion and Allah knows best.
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    loving back in the hardest thing.
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    assalamulaikum for u all..

    i think love is how we can show respect to eachother.......
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    Love? why a gift from >ALLAH< of corse :)

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    Aalaam alaikum beautiful.wanna chat with me
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 25, 2005 at 07:44 PM

    asslmu alycom
    i think nazarah the meaning of the true love is respecting the other treat them so well as allah and his messenger asked us help and stay with them in the for better or for worse that's from my openion and i think that's so rare in this times we live
    peace on you
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