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    what dyu do if u've met someone, n feel that they are the one, you ahve done istikhara and they are the one, but they dont feel ready to settle doen, commit to anything longterm because they just dont want to?
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    I agree with Lovely labenese, If that person don;t really want to settle down, then they can' be the one for you. And at the same time there might be a reason that he is refusing but the best thing to do is talk to him about it.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 27, 2007 at 05:39 PM

    If they do not feel the way you do...then they are simply not the one sister. the only advise i have is . if that person simply does not feel the way or think the same as what your heart is.... then just walk away... i know its hard but I PRAY tha ALLAH will guid your kind heart in the right direction sister aisha allah
    wish you allllll the best of luck god bless you

    your sister Lovley_Lebanese
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 11, 2007 at 06:48 AM

    And may Allah subhaana wa Ta'ala make you of those with no account on that day when nothing will be left out. So that you may enter the highest levels of Jennah, ameen.
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 31, 2006 at 02:06 PM

    mashallah, shukr alhamdulillah, you have helped myself and my sister with these kind words.

    may allah SWT bless you both in this world and in the aakirah for your kind words and help.
    aamine suma aamine.
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 08, 2006 at 05:05 AM

    As salaamu sister
    One of the things about the prayer for guidance is that sometimes things just seem so right, the answer to the prayer is that it is not for you. In my opinion and that is all this is, is that your prayer has been answered in that this person is not for you. Remember that we have to be content whether it is for us or against us. Allah my be protecting you from him, or him from you. Either way it is a protection from Allah. There are many right ones put there, so be patient and keep looking. Make sure he has a beard uncut, garments are above his ankles, and that he does the other obligatory sunnah. If he doesn't do these then how can he be right? Along with that make sure his character is sound and that he is firm upon tawheed. These are what make a sister or a brother the right one. So stick to that, which is what Allah loves, and there is no way that Allah will let you down.
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