Why do men do 180's???? Romance

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    wasalamu wa alai kum to you Dio
    I hope your well. What can I say but to have sabbar and trust in Allah swt. Some of us are still not married. Alhamdolliah, along with trying we muslims also trust in Allah and that He swt is doing what is bwst for us at the various times and the various issues. I know that a lot of US bro's and sisters log on to Salafi publications.com and salafi talk.net to ask questions to the Schollars and the students odf knowledge. Plus if you know arabic then sahab.net or .com. I hope this helps my sister. Asalamuwa alai kum
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    Many of the answers are good, but I say it is because the men have become soft, and find pleasure in being this way ;and the sisters have found joy in such because it seems they they are enjoying being hard; and such will never make for a happy world; we were not made like that.It is what it is !
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    I would like to know the answer to this question and guess I will save it for Allah in the Afterlife if allowed. But I would have to say that people in general tend to say one thing and do another. One thing is for sure, it is human nature to take a thing for granted. It is important that we dont take one another for granted as Allah is ever watchful over us and our actions. We must be the reminder to one another of this day to day. It is our responsibility to help one another make it to Paradise, Insha'Allah without making each other feel as though we are better than the other. Remember, none of us are worthy of Paradise, it is only Allah's mercy that will get us there. We have to be good to our Wives and to our Husbands they are blessings from Allah to us. We must remember that The Prophet Muhammad PBUH had a beautiful character to all people. In Hadith when he was getting abused and attacked by the unbeliever the angels wanted to smite them for the Prophet PBUH but he would not allow it stating that perhaps someone in their family may accept Islam. If we remember that we are all trying to make it to Paradise and that no one owns another individual then we would be better people overall. I am not here to bash brothers nor sisters, I am only here to state what will make us all better in general.
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    Asalamu aleykum bro's and sis's
    i think we r all confussed,i mean both men and women,we r confussed of not understanding da facts wich sometimes makes me believe this quote"men r from venus and women r from mars"or either way, which makes it hard for both ends to join atlast which will happen,but my question is who makes it happen 4 both ends to meet at the long run on apalm tree at de island and enjoy de dreams of thier lives and live happilly ever after????!!!!!!!!!have u ever ask dat question to ur self?maybe not may be yes.but dis is my philosophy de dream man/womam are belong to those who take da right path,if ur travelling 2 acertain direction and u don't take da right path will u ever reach ur destination?definatelly NO!so de only path to right relationship can be found through,HONESTY,MUTUAL TRUST AND GOOD COMMUNICATION,u have 2 open 2 each other and speak out of ur heart ALWAYS.last but not the least,"LIFE WILL ENVOLVE NATURALLY IF YOU LISTEN 2 UR INNER SELF AND PERSUE WHAT YOU TRULLY ENJOY"u can ask me back if there's any dillema in my text.peace up 2 all my bro's and sis's.
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    brother there is no need to show your body off in this way. remember "modesty is a branch of imaan"
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    Lo! looks like this whole thread is doing 180's.

    Men do because they lie... so do women!

    If people are honest at the start there would be no u-turns or 180's.

    More importantly people need to be honest with themselves... and stop going after dillusional images and looks, because these fade away sooner or later.

    People should forge spiritual bonds with each other not material bonds, because matarialism only belongs in this world and spiritual bonds belong in this world and in the hereafter.

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    well that's 100% right Muzayaan. i agree with you.
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    Well dont trust any1 straight awat, bcoz if any1 approaches U 9 ot of 10 times , its for some selfish interest. Especially on internet
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    i believe that if we all strive hard and submit to Allah, we will not need answers to these questions.
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    asslam why are people like animals in relationships? because they have gone away from the deen do not prayer and are the devils advocates
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    Its not always the mans fault. Alot of woman deceive the man to believe they are something that they really are not later in life. A woman may tell her man that she is a great cook, and later the man learns that she cannot cook at all. Or she may tell her man that she will bare many children, and finds out that she cannot have any children.
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    love all females
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    I totally agree. I've been in love only a few times. And at first, they seem better than the one before them. Then, they turn out to be one of the worst wastes of your love, time, space and energy. It's crazy, and I'm starting to get reallllly annoyed.
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