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    As african americans, are we advancing like we should, are we at a stand still, or are we moving backward? Just curious
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    ASA, Sandman2000, you have no real information about the NOI. You forgot that Allah choose who he please. Even though most Muslims in this world may not agree with our teaching. We are not twisted in our teaching. Islam has brought to us our Black history as well as a way of life. This is the reason, Allah, allowed millions Africans born in America to become slaves. He made us new Muslim! Islam changes every 2500,000 years which you don't have any knowledge on this wisdom.  Our teacher Master Fard Muhammad came from Mecca to America and he taught the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We carry the name Muhammad why don't you!! We received such great teaching coming out of Mecca! Be care of what you say, about your Muslim brothers and sister that Allah has chosen in the NOI. Remember Allah choose who he please, not who you think it should be. Most of brothers and sister over in the east are racist. That land over in the east is belong to the black man and this whole universe as well. The Black man created all the races on this Planet Earth. And that don't mean we should be racist to anyone. I've travel over to the east and most of them don't like to see us coming; because that land belong to the black man. We know Saudi Arabia belong to the black man and all that is in the east and the universe. We now have the knowledge of ourselves thanks to Islam, and there no turning back. Oh Yes, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him; came from black lineage in his blood line.  Peace**be upon you!
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    Sister Amira,

    Greetings! I must say that you ask a very provacative question that immediately invokes all sorts of thoughts and responses. I want to know, why in particular do we want to know if African Americans are "advancing." I also need to know what you mean by advancing?
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    Salaam Alaikum All,

    It perturbs me quite a bit that as "People of The Afrikan Diaspora", ignorance is such bliss. Most people who criticize African Americans/Black Americans know 'nothing' of that culture. They let supremist dominance control their minds...meaning if you have no relationship w/ African Americans' other than school/work but do not have genuine friendships with then can not make comments on who they are. The second thing is before one comments it would seem that you would at least STUDY the topic before discussing it. Everyone makes comments within the muslim community about the many of you have studied the actual articles within the Nation of Islam. Not Farrakhan but ELIJAH MUHAMMAD, Farrakhan has went much against EM's teachings....Are all African's in polygamy? Are all African's HIV+? Are all Caucasian's hairy, even women? Just as these questions are ludicrous and stereotypical so are most of the comments that I read on this Muslims you should be outright ashamed of your limited thinking...a lot of you sound as bad as Christians calling us terrorist. Stop assuming what the media portrays the NOI to be...because without ELIJAH MUHAMMAD (do your research) this man spear headed the Civil Rights movement in America (he created more shift w/i Black communities than Marcus Garvey) was the NOI's strength that gave freedom to people of color movements and spearheaded African Studies movements in academia...Malcom X is known for his intelligence and candor within the NOI it wasnt within mainstream orthodox islam, remember them first.
    Elijah Muhammad basically brought Islam to the West (wake up people) where in history do you hear about ISLAM in America until the NOI...if it took this for Americans to come to know the truth of ALLAH....AL HUMDU'ALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!ALLAHU AKHBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i wanted to also note!! that islam is not a "Arab religion"!

    the original Arabs are not even from the middle east of what we know today.
    They were very dark men, Some said dark as ink!
    Arabic language it self is mix with Spanish. So i think you should leave that alone. One more thing.Arab is not a race! it is a culture. You can be a African Arab, white Arab, Asian Arab and so on. when you learn the diff. the world might be a better place.


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    Salaam Aleikum brothers and sisters.

    you said you don't like the term''african american''. But you like the term ''black american/black? I find that very funny.

    I am afro-american. Self hate is all over and even in Islam You still self-hate on your original self.
    You still claim these this term.that the man has put down on you.What is this Afro-American. Another way to lead your-self from who you really are.

    American is a ''Italian'' name. Black is a ADJECTIVE which does not define a person. When black is not even your race or I'' Black has never been a race and never will be one**Note** Aboriginal Afrikans never called their self 'black'. It has not been found on the walls of Nubas or Egypt. Why do you think people who travel there and do research, say they are not 'BLACK'?

    Aboriginal Afrikans their self must learn who they are. We are so worried about being this so called ''one human race'' when we are not even treated like these so called ''humans''. People say it is 2007, why do you blacks(and yes i used black, because most do not want to be Afirkan). Still act the way they do, why do they act as if the Master owe them something. We are mixing with them and these blacks are still not happy.

    What shall we do? Nothing. You blacks love the master more then you will ever love Afrika let alone your-self. Does not better what You pray too.self hate that we have in us is so
    strong. it killed leaders that wanted to help us out of this everlasting oppression.


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    As salaamu alaikum
    Na'm, personly I do not like the term african american, but that is another topic. Inshallah this topic is focusing on the black muslims in america, since we're not like those blacks that aren't muslim. Anyway, I believe that blacks are progressing in this religion in some fields and stuck in others. For instance, I've seen many blacks revert to this correct deen and that's that. There is no studying as commanded by Allah. In most places I've been to this is the reality. And don't let those muslims have been muslim for 20 years. If you correct them in anything it becomes, "I've been muslim for 20 years..." Like that really means something. The point is that you've probably have been doing whatever wrong for 20 years. Even some of the young muslims get caught-up in this mentality. No one wants to learn this deen properly. We have pro-black muslims that think non-black muslims are still our brothers. Like they know better than Allah. We have black muslims that get caught up in that crazy sufi mystical junk. We have black muslims that get caught-up into the call for jihad, yet never follow the sunnah for jihad, which starts with 'ilm. And we have many other problems among blacks who are muslim.
    There is a solution to all of these problems, but it requires studying hard to get there fully. Some parts it doesn't require one to even open a book. That part is called submitting to Allah. Submitting to the orders of an nabi Muhammad SAWS. Following the first 3 generations of muslims in all they said and did (this was a order by an nabi SAWS). Respecting and following the inheritors of an nabi SAWS, which are the ulemaa that are truthful in speech, and reflect the Qur'an and sunnah in that speech and in their actions. And when they make a mistake, they correct that mistake on their own or by the advice given to them. This is what "african americans" and everybody else needs to do in order to advance.
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    Salaam Alaikum
    In retrospect, the mind set of African Americans though especially our men is not a HEALTHY one. Look around at society and one need only to recognize why. For u to make mention of blacks as I believe thats what we are seen as 2day well my fellow muslim u r sad to say both blind and ignorant. Who talks about slavery. It isnt even taught to our youth in its entirety. Just as the native americans are made out to be mad men who scalped the poor innocent colonists the african slave is made out to be nothing more than an ignorant and barbaric animal. Read a book and do ssome research before u make such absurd remarks!!!!!!!!
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    I wanted to respond to what Brother ahjii0187 posted concerning The Nation of Islam and The Minister Louis FarraKHan, but... What I have to post in its original ( gets shifted around and rearranged from the way that I originally intended for it to be written as well as digested )... . There are several entries in the blog there that I would have liked to present here, but... There is not enough space to accomodate the messages that I wanted to share... I hope that I am not breaking any of the rules by referring anyone to preview my blog... Assalaam-u-'Alaykum!
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    uscitizen write:
    somali boy-
    I have to disagree about your comments that the afro-americans dont "nag" like the jews do. I live in the U.S. and hear MORE about how the us "stole" them and made them slaves (almost everyday,actually) than I ever hear about the holocaust.which both were terrible-i agree. but the U.s. didnt "steal" people for slaves- their own tribes captured them and sold them. and that is what really happened-again a sad situation-but we shouldnt be punished or critisized for what happen before our time-it was not good but is now over.I totally agree with SiL1981 's comments. Also- if anyone dislikes the freedoms are situation here in american - no one is stopping you from leaving. dont complain about it , move! I dont know of an easier solution. there is some sort of racism-unfortunately-everywhere.I actually have a very good friend here from africa-doing very well and loves it here.african americans have really made
    a better life for themselves it seems-

    I'm going to have to disagree with you on that. People of African descent here in America don't 'nag' about anything. We just want to be afforded the same courtesy and respect as other Americans, which I don't believe we fully get. Other groups have dealt with oppression and have been properly compensated and/or acknowleged. We feel that we are owed the same courtesy as human beings. I can't recall one year in school anytime when I did not hear about the Holocaust and the oppression of the Jewish people, even though over 60 million of our people died in the Middle Passage. Why isn't this common knowledge if African-Americans 'complain' so much?

    Also, all over Africa, there was war, and members of opposing tribes were caught and made slaves by the winning tribes. Your argument doesn't really hold much ground when you consider that these people didn't think of themselves as the same people. It's like England and France; same race but different culture.
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 22, 2006 at 10:52 PM

    While it is true that some slaves were sold to the Europeans by their own people don?t speak like the slave trade had anything to do with the Americans & American history. I also don?t like the way you keep stating in forum after forum like it is nothing. Slavery was much worse than the so-called Jewish holocaust and it still to this date has left an everlasting impression on a whole nation of people, not only African Americans. This is a brief rundown of the history of slavery in America.
    Slavery is a prominent part of United States history. Slavery has existed for thousands of years in many cultures, but in the United States, the institution seemed to have been perfected. It also came at a time of enlightenment, when many began to see slavery not as the necessity that many felt it was, but as an evil exploitation of men.
    The transatlantic slave trade produced one of the largest forced migrations in history. From the early 16th to the mid-19th centuries, between 10 million and 11 million Africans were taken from their homes, herded onto ships where they were sometimes so tightly packed that they could barely move, and sent to a strange new land. Since others died before boarding the ships, Africa's loss of population was even greater. ("Slavery in the United States," Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia. Microsoft Corporation.)
    Before Great Britain prohibited its subjects from participating in the slave trade, between 600,000 and 650,000 Africans had been forcibly transported to North America. ("Immigration," Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia. Microsoft Corporation.) Slavery spread quickly in the American colonies. At first the legal status of Africans in America was poorly defined, and some, like European indentured servants, managed to become free after several years of service. From the 1660s, however, the colonies began enacting laws that defined and regulated slave relations. Central to these laws was the provision that black slaves, and the children of slave women, would serve for life. This premise, combined with the natural population growth among the slaves, meant that slavery could survive and grow?("Slavery in the United States," Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia. Microsoft Corporation.)
    Slavery in the United States was governed by an extensive body of law developed from the 1660s to the 1860s. Every slave state had its own slave code and body of court decisions. All slave codes made slavery a permanent condition, inherited through the mother, and defined slaves as property, usually in the same terms as those applied to real estate. Slaves, being property, could not own property or be a party to a contract. Since marriage is a form of a contract, no slave marriage had any legal standing. All codes also had sections regulating free blacks, who were still subject to controls on their movements and employment and were often required to leave the state after emancipation. (American Treasures of the Library of Congress: MEMORY, Slavery in the Capitol,
    Maryland passes a law making lifelong servitude for black slaves mandatory to prevent them from taking advantage of legal precedents established in England which grant freedom under certain conditions. Similar laws are later passed in New York, New Jersey, the Carolinas and Virginia. (The History Place, Early Colonial Era Beginnings to 1700 Chronology)
    One characteristic which set American slavery apart was its racial basis. In America, with only a few early and insignificant exceptions, all slaves were Africans, and almost all Africans were slaves. This placed the label of inferiority on black skin and on African culture. In other societies, it had been possible for a slave who obtained his freedom to take his place in his society with relative ease. In America, however, when a slave became free, he was still obviously an African. The taint of inferiority clung to him. Not only did white America become convinced of white superiority and black inferiority, but it strove to impose these racial beliefs on the Africans themselves. Slave masters gave a great deal of attention to the education and training of the ideal slave, In general, there were five steps in molding the character of such a slave: strict discipline, a sense of his own inferiority, belief in the master's superior power, acceptance of the master's standards, and, finally, a deep sense of his own helplessness and dependence. At every point this education was built on the belief in white superiority and black inferiority. Besides teaching the slave to despise his own history and culture, the master strove to inculcate his own value system into the African's outlook. The white man's belief in the African's inferiority paralleled African self hate. (Norman Coombs, The Immigrant Heritage of America, Twayne Press, 1972. CHAPTER 3, CHAPTER 3, The Shape of American Slavery).
    Slavery is seen in the Constitution in a few key places. The first is in the Enumeration Clause, where representatives are apportioned. Each state is given a number of representatives based on its population - in that population, slaves, called "other persons," are counted as three-fifths of a whole person. This compromise was hard-fought, with Northerners wishing that slaves, legally property, but uncounted, much as mules and horses are uncounted. Southerners, however, well aware of the high proportion of slaves to the total population in their states, wanted them counted as whole persons despite their legal status. The three-fifths number was a ratio used by the Congress in contemporary legislation and was agreed upon with little debate.
    It has been said that the seeds of the Civil War, which was fought, despite revisionist theory to the contrary, over the issue of slavery, were sown in the compromises of the Constitution on the issue. This is probably true. Slavery, which was started in violence in the kidnaping, shipment, and commerce of human chattel, needed violence to bring it to an end. After the devastation of the Revolutionary War and the unrest in the U.S. under the Articles, a time of peace and recovery was needed to strengthen the nation to a point where it could survive a civil war. The greatest tragedy is that in the nearly 100 years between the start of the Revolutionary War and the end of the Civil War, millions of slaves served, suffered, and died so that the nation could prosper.
    Africa occupies just over 20 percent of the earth's land surface and has roughly 20 percent of the world's population, but European slave traders in the 17th century and the next will decimate the continent by exporting human chattels and introducing new diseases. (The People's Chronology, 1994 by James Trager from MS Bookshelf.)

    "We must acknowledge the complicity of many of our churches in slavery, a system in which most African Americans were prohibited from practicing Islam or African traditional religions." Interfaith Relations and the Churches Policy Statement of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. 2
    "A man came to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and said: 'Guide me to a deed that makes me close to Heaven and far from Hell.' The Prophet replied: 'Free a person and redeem a slave.' " 4
    "And if a man smite his servant, or his maid, with a rod, and he die under his hand; he shall be surely punished. Notwithstanding, if he continue a day or two, he shall not be punished: for he is his money [property]." Hebrew Scriptures, Exodus 21:20-21.
    "No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms." Article 4, Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Throughout all of this many slaves were murdered, beaten, hung, and endured all kinds of inhumane treatment at the hands of white Americans. UsCITZEN, lets also be mindful of the fact the majority of racist organizations such as the Klu Klux Klan all claimed to be white anglo saxon Christians. And you say that you hear MORE about slavery than you ever hear about the holocaust, lol, you should. In truth the blacks in America deserve reparations more than any Jew (and I don?t mean that to be offensive). America will not be able to say that the legacy of slavery has truly been eradicated until race is as irrelevant as eye color.
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    somali boy-
    I have to disagree about your comments that the afro-americans dont "nag" like the jews do. I live in the U.S. and hear MORE about how the us "stole" them and made them slaves (almost everyday,actually) than I ever hear about the holocaust.which both were terrible-i agree. but the U.s. didnt "steal" people for slaves- their own tribes captured them and sold them. and that is what really happened-again a sad situation-but we shouldnt be punished or critisized for what happen before our time-it was not good but is now over.I totally agree with SiL1981 's comments. Also- if anyone dislikes the freedoms are situation here in american - no one is stopping you from leaving. dont complain about it , move! I dont know of an easier solution. there is some sort of racism-unfortunately-everywhere.I actually have a very good friend here from africa-doing very well and loves it here.african americans have really made
    a better life for themselves it seems-
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 04, 2006 at 07:48 PM

    As quoted from my brother Ameen

    This is a look at how Louis Farrakhan, with the help of ash-Shaytaan ar-Rajeem, has "pulled the wool " over the eyes of the Muslims, with the exception of most Muslims in America, as the Kufr of Farrakhan and the Nation of "Islam" is well known amongst the Muslims living in the United States. But it is the Muslim world (Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Asia) that have been tricked, played, hoodwinked, bamboozled, and duped by Farrakhan. It's our brothers and sisters in Russia, Australia, Germany, as-Sudan, Lebanon, and scores of other predominately Muslim countries who have been tricked into thinking that Farrakhan is some kind of "Muslim leader" in America. Subhanallaahi wa bihamdih!! Louis Farrakhan is as much a leader amongst the Muslims of America as Iblis, Fir'aun, or Musaylimah al-Kathab! This is a man who said:

    "Youre right Muslims, the Christians have made a mistake, they made the same mistake that the Jews made. The Jews reject Jesus, then the Christians reject Muhammad - now who do you Muslims reject? Just because you believe that Prophet Muhammad is the Seal of the Prophets now you feel that the door to divine revelation is closed - what a fool you are! what do we the Muslims believe? Point number 12, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said: We believe Allaah (God) appeared in the person of Master W. Fard Muhammad, July 1930, the long-awaited Messiah of the Christians and the Mahdi of the Muslims..." Dec 11, 1988

    As quote by me;
    How can a Mushrik be a leader of the Muslims of America?? The only place he can lead the Muslims is to the Hellfire!
    Bismilla Rhaminer Raheem Qul Huwa Allahu Ahad, Allahu Samad, Lam Ya lid Wa Lam Yu Lad, WaLam Yakallahu Kufwan Ahad. Ashadu alaillaha illalahu wahdahoo la shareeka la, wa ashadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasooluh.
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 20, 2006 at 04:26 PM


    I would not say the NOI are Muslim, can we say "Shirk" yeah the NOI are not Muslim. I wouldnt go as far to say they are practicing Islam. I had a long comment on here but they did not approve of it.
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 06, 2006 at 05:21 AM

    Hmm I dont quite understand the question of progress - what exactly is the "progress"?!? Economical? Social? Religious? Political?

    I personally dont feel comfortable judging anybodys spirituality or devotion to the religion/ It is an intimate inner feeling, and I believe that we all know who the ultimate "judge" is.

    The founders of NOI were politically motivated, not religiously! And in order for them to gain any real power they used Islam to attract the African American audience. If they preached the true version of Islam, most likely they would have never established the organization cause people would not have been attracted to an "Arab religion", so they changed few major "details" in which they showcased the black superiority. It was an extremely inteligent move from a political perspective, but a horrible act from religious perspective.
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 21, 2006 at 02:44 PM

    salaam,brothers and sisters. i believe African Americans have made progress,
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 18, 2006 at 05:06 AM

    Salaam Aleikum brothers and sisters.

    Very interesting topic indeed, well im not from the United States but i heard alot about the so called Nation of Islam and all those 5 percenters. i wont insult them in anyway but i dont believe they are practicing the proper Islam at all.

    I hope they one day get the chance to travel and see some real islamic nations such as Saudi Arabia it self or even Malaysia.

    Im so glade that we got Muslims from so many different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities and colors.

    I do think that the African American society has moved forward since the days of Malcolm X and Dr Martin Luther King JR.

    I also do believe Islam has played a role in changing their perspective about the world, it opened more gates and enlightened them, there was some sense of confidence and energy, you could so feel it when you listen people such as Malcolm X or Muhamud Ali.

    Also its true the non Muslim afro-americans have played a major role in changing things for better through the hiphop/rap industry as well as sport such as NBA...also its true if Afro Americans had their own nation they would have today the 8th largest economy in the world.

    They came from a long way, this people r working hard not begging or playing the victim card as Jews nag about the holocaust and so on.

    i know some still go on about the slave trade but those who learned to move on have made it happen, and today afro americans are force to be reckon with.

    Im glade what was once our stolen brothers have came over all obstacles in a foreign land.

    Hope they know Africa is for them too.
    Just as Jews return to Israel and the "holy land" afro americans can return to africa at any time.

    salaams ya'll.

    Aussie Mali here.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 10, 2006 at 09:48 AM

    Salam Aleikum...

    Intellect is but scarce in this world with a president named after a bush! so says the sandman!

    How r u sister kko?? I think i have conveyed the wrong message here. I have not been questioning the faith of the Afro-American muslim brothers and sisters. I just wanted to know how deep the fangs of the NOI have been effective in poisoning the colored Muslim population in America. I'm sorry to have hurt u... as i do know that there are many god fearing muslims from ur community!

    I understand the pain of being a colored muslim, as i have been born an brought up in a country with a lot of racism and abuse cos of my color. I was born and brought up in the UAE, and i had to face a lot of persecution, mostly from the arabs and the pakistanis for being what i am.

    I'm so happy to have met a sunni muslim from the Afro-American community. I have many muslim friends from the Afro-muslim community, but they are purely from Africa... I still wonder about the plight of my colored brothers in the US. Firstly to be colored and secondly to be a Muslim!!!

    Let us hope and pray for ALLAH's protection and may he help us in bringing forward a world where we are judged by our deeds and not by our color!!!

  • View author's info Posted on Jan 04, 2006 at 10:14 AM

    Salam Aleikum...

    How are you sister? YOU did reply, finally!!! But nothing substantial about the NOI... anyways...

    Take care... and my regards to your children... Children really are the light of this world....

    May ALLAH bless us with heaven and forgive our sins as we repent...

  • View author's info Posted on Dec 08, 2005 at 05:30 AM

    Salam Aleikum bretheren...

    I have read ur profile... quite interesting, i must say sister samira.

    The black community in America has already been lead far away from islam by the twisted Nation of Islam. I find lesser news about them internationally, but atleast locally they make a big impact cos i read somewhere that most black NBA players who have muslim names are from the NOI. How and why has this twisted organisation calling itself Islam gained so much popularity is a mystery to me! i wish the sister and brother who commented earlier to enlighten me as to if you are NOI or real god fearing muslims.

    My regards to your child, sister Samira. i love children, and no i'm not looking to a relationship from the US for atleast 5 years or so... so i'm not trying to impress u. :)

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