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    Mr Filadian,

    May you remember that In Sahi Bukhari , Umar ibnKhattab said that " The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon Him)banned the the Mut'a three times and hence I also
    declare it as haraam three times"

    Again from Sahi Bukhari Prophet Muhammed (may unlimited peace and blessing be upon Him)said " There will be 73 sects and the only sect which will go to heaven will be that which will follow my Sunnah and the Sunnah of my COmpanions"

    It is quite evident from the above two sahi hadith as to what is legal and illegal in ISlam.
    Our judgement is based on Quran and Sunnah , not dancing on fire like the sias do on Ashoura-Nauzoobillah.

    May ALLAH guide all the Muslims- Aameen
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    Hey u say u r muzayyan al islam, u must no and read the books before passing ur comments,shia's do believe quran, hadidh,and caliph.if they do mutah, it is according to the shariah, and for u r kind information , muttah mariage was legal during the prophethood (pbuh)aswel.if they do anythin they can prove by islamic books and teachingsThey donot abuse caliph's, and they are followers of prophet (pbuh). if they celebrate new yr, whats wrong with it.u say u r trus muslim, how many times u lie a day ? who u r to decide who is trus muslim and who is that the teaching of islam to harras others,and to abuse other religions.?
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    Shias do not give importance to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon Him) and many Islamic scholars have declared them as non Muslims depending upon the type of Shias they are.

    They follow many customs which are not a part of Islam
    like celeberating Navroz , new year of the Fire Worshipers of Iran etc.

    Mut'ah or contract marriage which is considered Haraam or Unlawful in Islam , is still existent in Shias and they believe it is a great deed to do so and defend it vigourously.

    Ideologically Shias give more important to Imam ALI radhiallahu Taa'la Anhu and in extreme cases even abuse the first three caliphs of Islam , which is against the Hadith and Qoran.

    Some fanatic shias also accuse Hadhrat Uthman Radhiallahu Taa'la Anhu , the third Caliph of Islam , to have tampered or destroyed many chapters of the Quran. This is against ALLAH's promise to the Muslims that The Quran will be protected. Thus they go against the Quran as well and thus against ALLAH's words.

    Hence in true spirit Shias do not follow the proper Islamic teachings and havedeviated from the true path.
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