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    love,love,love what is love its very hard to understand.sometime ppl can live 50 years with someone but can,t fell in love and sometime someone can fell in love with someone in just first look.its posible thats why (ranjha)left his kingdom of (hazara) for (heer) cuz he fell in love with (heer) when he saw her first time and became a (joghi).that was just my opinion about love and everyone has there own opinion.allah hafiz.
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    Love at first sight?
    Hmmm now that?s something a child might believe in but really how can anyone falling love with someone without knowing who there are. Love is when you know the person inside out; you know everything there is to know but who ever out there believe in love at first sight should get out of they dream world and come to the REAL world!!!!!!!!!!
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    i have two parakeets and i fell in love with both of them when i seen them fisrt time tooo! lol....funny palestinian! lol! very funny! allah hafiz, henna
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    Well, I fell in love with my Parakeets since the first time I saw them!
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    well... love .. love .. and love..

    what is that?? and how fast can it go?? and is it real?

    I was home once and a man came over asking for a key to the mosque, witch my father use to have..
    I opened the door, and saw a man (..) can't be told by words. "I could sure u, that I felt that I WAS IN LOVE...
    How simple is that!! naah..
    He just looked like what I dreamed of. "looked like" that's was all what he had!!
    I found out later, that he didn't have the soul of the man I wanted.. so, love from the first site.. well, s h i t can happent..(or u feel it hapening) that is true, but the chance for getting long with it is very little.
    that's my epenion anyway!

    Eid moubarak to u all sweet muslims :)
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    i def do not believe in love at 1st sight, how can ppl give thier heart to someone they have only known for 5mins u shud get to know the person 1st for who they are i feel that these type of ppl are insecure and they are the ones who end up getting hurt u shud always think with ur head not ur heart love can be dangerous and i feel ppl shud never give thier heart totally because love doesnt alway last does it.

    i think ppl mistake clicking with someone as love 2 different things totally.
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    The prophet Saw said love starts with the look. If your talking about falling madly in love at first site its fake
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