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    Assalam-o-alikum sister,
    You seem to be fed-up and quite hopeless. Which is not good. I can understand you situation. I know that the time comes in our lives when we become hopeless and fed-up of everything or just don't see any pleasure in living anymore.This happens when we start believing in this worldly life and forgets the teaching of islam. This is the era when everybody only believes in materialism and we go in the same flow.
    You know its Allah who created this world and its Allah who set this examination for us. This world is nothing except a small time period given to us for making choice of ultimate success or ulitmate failure.
    have you seen criples person who has got no legs or no hands or when you see a deaf or blind person what do you think then? Have they done something wrong before their birth so thats why they have been punished for that. Nooooo
    Its Allah who judge you by putting you into timely situation and check ur patience and Imaan.
    So never loose hope. Offer your prayers regularly and practice islam. Inshallah every problem of urs will then be solved.

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    All good things come to those who wait... In the meantime...involve yourself in activities and maybe you will find him along the way...
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    There you go :)
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    Salaam Sister, well as the brother said Wait until God choose your husband for you , Who knows may be its me. I am in the UK, looking for Chinese wife prefer, this is as my father (Hakka) but I am mixed race, so may be this is Gods way of linking us together. you can view my profile at. tackle All the best?
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    Asalamu Alikum sister,

    I would like to ask you what ways have you tried to find a Mr.right? I think , there is a difference to find a boy friend and to find a husband.

    Are you active in your local Muslim community?
    Have you talked with your Imam?

    May Allah guide you towards your husband!

    Do not be worry. just keep on praying

    Umar Farooq
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    I want to ask you the question in a different way: Do you prefer to be married to someone just because you are desparate and who knows if he's a nice person or a monster, or you be patient and wait for prince charming who is going to take you on his white horse and share your happiness and sadness? You're still 28, you can live without a man until you find "the right person". My recommendation to you is to wait and relax, you never know, maybe he is somewhere out there looking for you. Good luck :)
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