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    try also to visit : << beconvinced >> site

    also there is Videos & Scientists Comments on the Quran & Proofs & Evidences for the Truth of Islam

    see << islamyesterday >>

    all these sites are ,Kom domains
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    Thank you I appreciate your help.
    Allah bless you.
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    this is to are soooo right. I am a newly converted muslim and i agree with some of what you say. What you are going to have to do is go to the mosques and talk to the Imam there, talk to the women there...they will definately help you there. I have already started going to Sunday school at the mosque and i have already set up with one of the ladies there who teaches you from basics and beginning of learning the alphabet and Qu' i cant wait to start that....i am one who didnt have anyone on my family side that i could turn to ask questions when it came to this...however i didnt let it stop me....i have accomplished so much already by giving my life over to Allah....i am soo glad that i have and now i want to meet and talk with and learn from the women and Imam at the mosque. I have two wonderful friends who are helping me along this journey i am taking and God has blessed me with them. I hope you to will find either somone to help guide you or at least find a mosque to go to near you and believe me once you go there, you will find so many people who are willing to help you learn and are there to support you. If you like we can chat sometimes too...I pray that all will go good for you and i hope you find whatever you are looking for....Inshallah. allah hafiz, henna
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    try the site of ISLAM question & answer , I can't put its link here because of the rules of this forum but I think this will be usefull : islam-qa
    and it ends with kom
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    Dear blueeyes0softheart,
    Congratulations for your conversion, no words could be enough to describe how much Allah loves you to guide you to the right path and put the faith in your heart.

    Thanks God that we are born and raised Muslims and Inshallah we will die as Muslims.
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