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    hello meccan beauty, how are you doing? its good to see some of you on here havent forgotten about people you come across on this site. I think its kinda hard to keep in touch with people on here b/c i am use to them being around me in person. Chatting with them online...and becoming friends that way is different for me. But, it is good to see sooo many muslims on here and keeping intouch with eachother....for some of us...its all we got to help keep us strong along the way...well, good to hear from you again meccan beauty...stay in touch and keep smilin. allah hafiz, henna
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    this is to Suzzii,
    i hope all is going good for you with your learning. Mine, is going okay. I am only going to one day a week class where a teacher is teaching me the Qu'ran...i am finding it somewhat difficult to get more in during the week. I have some friends who are also muslim but they are male and i was told that i cannot have them helping me or teaching me somethings when we are either alone or like at my apt or theirs and there is noone else there. So, we have stopped that. I went to the mosque and it seems that everyone is already in their little groups and arent too open to new comers here in okc anyways. I dont know, i am not sure but i havent really made any new friends from the mosque, but then again i havent been going too often b/c they have a english lecture during the time i am at the class with my teacher and then they have a arabic class after that. But i cannot understand arabic so i dont go to that class. One hour and 1/2 a week learning about/reading the Qu'ran is not cutting it for me. I have been reading alot online about Islam and just listening to some audio tapes on my own...i guess its suppose to be like that. Anyways, i hope you are doing better b/c it is kinda hard when you are doing things alone. you know? but dont give up.. im not. bye henna
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    why do you want to convert to Islam? The only way to get to heaven is through Jesus Christ, no other way, it says so in the Bible.
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    hi all, well i'm quite new to this site, and after looking i thought i just am waisting my time but until i looked at this topic and saw there are ppl who are converting into and other are been so nice and have a open heart to say welcome, made me write in and take part in it.
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    HEY SISTER sorry i havent gotten bak in a while i was in cairo ,Egypt visiting my father!!! thank you soo much!!! you are a wonderful person and beautiful! It is so special for you to join your new brothers and sisters ! im always here with an open heart and may allah guid your precious soul down the right path :)
    aissha allah

    oh lol dont wry about the name thing.....lots of sisters on here said that name sounded very hmmm (stuck up) lol so i changed it :) no worrys and no need for an apology lol !!!
    aissha alla! peace
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    aslamalikom henna i m abdul qayoum awan from pakistan and i m very happy that u r interested in muslims religion. can i help u become a muslim if u r interested please contact me i will wait for you.
    take care
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    Salamun alaik Sister Fatima,

    A nice warm welcome to Al-Islam from a muslim sister to another muslim sister. :) Alhumdullilah. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries with regards to our blessed Deen. I'll try to assist you in every way i can. Insya'allah.

    May Allah bless you and guide us all!

    Barakallahu Feeki,
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    Salamun alaik Sister Henna,

    Welcome to our blessed Deen, al-Islam. Well, Arabic is a very beautiful language.It's the language of the Quran Nour-Kareem. I'm not a native speaker of the arabic language but I've been learning it for the past 2 years and still learning currently.And alhumdullilah, now i can at least read, write and speak it a bit. Initially, it may be hard but it will get easier over time. Have perserverance, and Insya'allah.. i know you can do it!

    May Allah guide you and us all! Ameen

    Fee Amanillah,
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    hi my name is fatima allhumdillah you are a new muslim allah is so happy i am so happy im also a muslim covert i converted 6 months ago tomorrow im from south wales united kingdom like you i was a christian but never felt happy i always wanted to know more about islam all the best fatima
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    iman, thank you too! That is nice to know there are other newly converted muslims on here...i dont feel left out or kidding! But really thank you for that. So, how are you coming along learning? Mine, very difficult learning arabic...i thought learning Urdu was hard....arabic is harder language to learn and read and write. I know spanish and english and some Urdu but goodness! Anyways, take care. Allah hafiz, henna
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    Umar, thank you.
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    sorry that message was for DesertBeauty not arabian princess, however i thougth your name was arabian princess....sorry.
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    Christianity was my religion before. I am just wanting to know anything about Islam....i am a neewly converted muslim and have yet to go the mosque...this sunday. I am just wanting to know other peoples experiences in life, living as a muslim. Thank you arabian princess, you are really sweet and pretty too! have a wonderful day!
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    peace upon you sister....
    my name is Iman and i am a new convert...i am still learning there is so much to learn....
    it is wonderful to hear that you are finding your way to Allah....
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    Asalamu Alikum Dear Sister Henna,

    It would be my pleasure to help you and tell you something about Islam.You can write me here.umar_shairwani atyhkom.

    At the end it is only the blessing of Allah(S.W.T).If He guides you to right path.

    May Allah accept you in Islam.Amen
    Khuda Hafiz
    Umar Farooq
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    marhaba , :) I am jazira , what exactly you looking for? can contact me. Bless you for your consideration!what was your religeon b4?

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