why is hard to find a true man? relationship

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    Salamo 3alikom all...this is the first time i write. my english isn
    t so good.but no matter.
    every body is looking for the good guy or the good wommen....it
    s so hard to find someone,only a few of us find the right person.
    no problem....the time will show us the way! with some help of allah! inchaa lah.
    salamo 3alikom!
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    That's a good question my sister, Because I'm still trying to find a good woman. I think the real question we both should ask ourselves is if we did run acrooss that special someone would we know it & could we really handle it?
    Allahu Alam.
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    Assalamu'alaikum. I found my husband or rather ALLAH matched us together through the net. Five years later I found that he still uses the internet to talk to other ladies. I just don't understand that. Brothers, would you still chat with other women even though you are married..and to what purpose? I am trying to understand this. So if you guys can give some insight into this issue, I am very much appreciative..
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    Salamun alaik Sister Aisha

    Hope you are in the best state of imaan. Dear Sister, Have faith in Allah for everything is written in the Lauhul Mahfuz.

    Make abundance supplication to Allah to bless you with a pious husband. Insya'allah. I'm sure there are true and pious men out there. You just have to seek Allah's assistance to guide you to them and them to you.

    Don't worry sister, Allah knows best for His beloved creations.

    May Allah bless you with a pious and loving husband. Ameen.

    Fee Amanillah,

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