Shame on Muslims ... Religion Forward to friends

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    I am wid it, geeeez,
    in last three months of talking to girls on the net I have learned that time of "DAJAL" is nearer than the Popes death. WOW, quite few of ya'll will make non-muslims looking as if they had never taken their Niqab
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    the Dajjal is present in Israel.The jewish religious leaders has demanded jews from all over the world to come to Irael because their mesiach is there.
    The Jews rejected Isa ibn Merjem(a.s.)(Jesus) and Muhammad(saws) as not being prophets.estafirallah.Allah made them think the anti-christ,the false Mesias to be the Mesias. Most jewish people and a big part of muslims will follow him according to ahadeeth. He has 3 stages wherein he is active. First he presented himself as a holy man. Second he will pretend that he is a prophet, which is now. But wait till he comes out to collect people to join him then he will say he is GOD.Estafirallah. Our prophet (saws) warned us with his saying ow my people remember that your God is not one-eyed. As the Dajjal will have a defective eye so he will be seen as one-eyed man. stay away from him and seek for the Mahdi when that should come.
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    salam tooni, i wanted you to email me because i see that you respond to alot of these forums and i just wanted to know where the questions are...all i see is the topic and responses. thanks

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    Im not a gold member.
    But you and anyone else who would like to chat can email me

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    Yes, indeed the amount of respect that people display for their religion is rather pitiful.

    As a professional woman it is difficult to work wearing hijaab. There are major discriminations against women in this position. But having said that I have learnt that it is something i would have to live with.

    Allah is the one to be subservient to NOT man.

    And so it is ...

    Women be PROUD Muslims. Wear your Hijaab. You can still be modern but covered.

    No need to look like something crawled out from way back then!


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