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  • View author's info Posted on Sep 29, 2005 at 05:26 PM

    If any of you have any knowledge, you would know that this "salafiyah" started about three hundred years when one scholar decided that he knew more than every other previous scholar before him and that he could deduce his own rulings on prayer, fiqh, and aqueedah based on what he knew. The four imams were apart of the first three generations which the prophet (SAW) may I add said were the best. Not only that, but the prophet (SAW) said that as time went by, knowledge would decrease. So you mean to tell me that all these "salafiyah" sheikhs who are many many generations after know more than the four imams. The four imams were tabie'en and studied with sahabas and learned from them. Then you have the ppl who say I just follow qur'an and hadeeths, that is a very ignorant statement to say. We as muslims are followers of the truth, before you read a hadeeth and decide to follow it, you should know the entire history behind the hadeeth, who it was narrated to, under what circumstance etc. I would much rather blind follow any one of the four imams then any of the salafi sheikhs. As for following a hadeeth without knowledge, here is a question for you, what if you later found out that there is a hadeeth that came later on which expediates the hadeeth you just followed, which means that would you did was wrong and that you will be accountable for it.
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    I dont disagree with you Salahuddin. I am not sure who you were responding to but if it was me then it means you didnt understand what I was saying. Wasalam.
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    Yea right. So the salafi way is to kick all the scholars out of the way who have memorized the Quran and thousands of hadith and been able to pull all the verses and all the hadith regarding certain matters together. Sounds like your getting screwed. The reason Muslims have followed madhhabs is because in the Qur'an some Muslims are told to hold back from Jihad and learn the religion so that they may teach it to their brethren when they return. When you look at only one verse in the Qur'an and say "oh this is what I have to do" you leave out the FACT that there are other verses that may guide the matter as well along with hadith that help guide on the matter also. Now, how many of us have the opportunity to sit and study Islam all day and all night? Not many. Why? Well we need to work and take care of our families. Allah gave our families and even our bodies rights over us so how are we to spend all our time looking for all the verses and hadith on one subject when other scholars have undertaken that effort who have a better understanding of the subjects than we do? Oh, I almost forget. Some Qur'anic verses were also abrogated, so do you know which ones they are? To say that the Muslims of the past were all stupid and did not know how to follow the way of the Prophet(saw) is very foolish.
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    Assalamu alaikum.
    The term "salafi" is a very new term. In fact, it is so new that to call oneself or to go around saying "follow the salafi manhaj" in itself is a bidah dalalah. This term was started by Rashid Reda over 100 years ago as a way of saying "lets get back to the basics" of Islam. It is a paired down manner and method of understanding the deen. For instance, some people here who do not know better have said follow Quran and hadith. In fact those people do not understand the difference between hadith and sunnah and hence have no definition for what they follow except to try to wrap themselves up in the cloak of "piety" and "righteousness". Rather, this whole discussion and this whole new terminology of Salafi (only really used over the past 30 years) is a reaction to modernity and post modernism and the spiritual vacuum that many Muslims find themselves in and try to get a hold of. They make divisions and are the most intolerant of Muslims. Each group celebrating themselves. Shame on all who follow separate groups. You do not know the state of other people so have some humility and talk to people in ways that are best. You do not know whom Allah will forgive and whom He will punish. Muslims are killing each other right now based on this exclusivism. Astaghfirallah.
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    asalamualikum wa rahmatullah, inorder to understand the salifiyah dawah one has to be upon the correct understanding of the quran and the sunnah. the word salafie means pious, and the prophet salalahauiewasallam was a salafie ie pious. now, if one is commiting haraam and bidah, and is doing it openly then it is fard to spk against that person.,cause he is then spreading lies umong the to refute ppl like this is infact fard! when immam bukharie made a mistake in a naraation, one of the major scholors at that time refuted him with over 10 books.salafiyah is based on quran and sunnah. see it urself and then judge for ur self
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    there's info on the lectures on salafitalk dot net
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    We can only unite upon Tawheed just as all the Messengers began uniting their nations. So if pple doing all this shirk and they can't even worship Allah properly and they do worship Ali with Allah and the sun with Allah and their 'Holy men' with Allah, how will they even be successful in this life an the nxt? forget united. And Salafiyyah is not like the modern day groups like the hizbees. The Prophet called to Salafiyyah, and then the other groups came after. THere's some excellent articles on this on and or check out The Methodology of the Prophets in Calling to Allaah by S. Rabee' ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee.

    And Hey, there?s some really good lectures on paltalk this week, dunno if n e one?s heard about them? U probly hav. There's a brother from Jeddah who's doing doroos at the centre 2.

    And May Allah Forgive me if i've said n e thind wrong.
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    Assalaamu Alaykum, true Saamiyah, pple r getting killed around the world by 'united Kuffar' and it's high time the Muslims got united, but u've got 2 be united on the right things, that's where pple go wrong. True most of the sects claim 2 b following the Qur'aan and the Sunnah, but then they lie on the Prophet (PBUH) and they lie on Allaah (Glory be to Him), ASTAGHFIRULLAH AL AZHEEM! And they pervert the true religion for their own personal and political ends. If the Muslims aint united, someting gone wrong at the nucleus.
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    Asalamu aleikum wr wb. Iam very sorry, that some muslim talk about, such things that isnt important at the moment for the ummah. the ummah is very suffering , and dont need that its people discusses something that doesnt worth. we every day watch our brothers and sisters killed by united Kufar,..Iraq, Afghanstan, Checnia, Kasmir, Palestin, Ogaden..etc so how cant Muslims hold together to deffence their brothers and sisters in Islam,,,
    the kufar doesn't care if you are salafi, or munajadisme, usmani,,,hisbuni etc...Do you say Shahada believe the Pillars of Islam, then join the title of islam, and fight for the sake of Allah...May Allah united us all ameen
    asalamu elikum
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    Wat Salafi Manhaj????

    We follow the Quran and the Hadith and the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon Him) and of his Companions (Ridhwanullahi Taa'la Alaihim Ajmaeen)
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    Issues of this nature concern me. I know the difference between a Muslim and one who calls himself.

    The Shia's are a disgrace as to Allah.

    I am concerned about the division as 'reverts' who come back to Islam may now be mislead from within!

    May ALLAH (SWT) make it easy for us iA.
    May HE (SWT) grant reverts the hidayat to distinguish between the sects the "TRUTH!"

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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 05, 2005 at 03:24 PM

    salaams ..P.s you will also find plenty of knowledge and guidance on these sites with regards to developing Kushoo in the salaht and other important issues other than refuting newly invented ideas and their callers.
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    Asalamu wa alai kum
    There are always peoople who go astray from the truth infact from the very early days of al islaam. Just like a shia / raafid type will call him or her self a muslim, it does not mean they actualy are. There are many people who are within the fold of islaam but although they call them selves to be sunni we do not see the sunnah with them. The Head of the group previously known as Hizbutahrir i.e. Omar Bakri is now calling himself a salafi yet his beliefs, method and hatred for the salafi ulamah upon the sunnah is still apparent. So if a donkey starts calling it self a horse 'does it infact become a horse'? no.
    There have been stdents of knoeledge and others upon the way of the takfiries, jihaadies and other than them that came in to the ranks of the salafies under the guise of being salafi in their islaam. They tried to teach their falsehood deveptively to the lay salafies espec in the west. Over the past 5 or 6 years they have been exposed by the senior ulamah after they refused the dawah from them. Unfortunately some people stuck by them because of their ignorance and emotional attachment to these people. The Messenger s.a.w said that "love some one only so much as one day you may have to hare them and hate some one 9for the sake of Allahfor what they are upon or preach) as one day you may have to love them" So people have gone astray but continue to identify thrm selves as salafi but we do not see the majority of salafi ulamahj with them or the senior salafi ulamah with them. Those upon clarity always have to make sure there a distinct and clear line between them and those that have strayed otherwise how will the lay person know whats right and wrong. if you log on to and you will find those brothers ans sisters who are in direct and constant contact with the schollars. Alhamdollilah. i ask Allah swt to make it easy for me and other sincere seekers of the HAQ. wa asalamwa alai kum
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 17, 2004 at 08:36 AM

    Which Salafiya are you talking about.

    Ther is one in Birmingham, that calls others salafis bad. One person Abu Amina Bilal Philips calls for the salifo manahaj, and so does one called Munajid. But then there are some people who call people like Bilal Pilips and Munajjid to be wrong.

    SO please tell me which salalfiya are you talking about. Does Salafiya teach me how to have khushoo in my salah or does it emphaysize on refuting people.
  • View author's info Posted on Oct 30, 2004 at 03:43 AM

    Dear friends here is a good decision by one of friends. May Allah give us Taufeeqh and Taqwa to know truth. Salafiyyah is really the way of prophets as i feel. May Allah make me to be in right path.
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