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    It is such a knowledge/Philosophy without which it is impossible to lead life as per Shariat (Rules of Islam). The knowledge required to lead the life as per Shariat and to get closer to Allah and to achieve the love of Allah, overcoming all the hindrances and adversity those appears in following the rules -regulation of Shariat, is known as Elme Tarikat.
    2. In all four stages of knowledge bad influences of Nafs is there.
    In the stage of Shariat :- Nafs influences to work against Shariat.
    In the stage of Tarikat :- Nafs influences to claim for Nabuwat / Belayet.
    In the stage of Marifat :- Nafs influences to claim partnership and claim ownself as God being enlighten by the noor(light) of Allah.
    In the stage of Hakikat:- There is no entry of Iblish Shaitan, Nafs and Feresta (Angels). As such, at this stage (Hakikat) a man become perfect man becoming saved from the influences of all enemy. As such in all stages we have to struggle against the Iblish and Nafs to become perfect man and reach the stage of Hakikat and finally to reach the final destination the Didar-e-Elahi ( Meeting Allah).
    3. Human bad habits like Sex, Anger, Greed etc. can not be destroyed without the lustre (noor) of Allah. Similarly stupidity and foolishness is not removed without the Marifat ( Hidden Knowledge) of Allah .

    Allah teaches without any media through his Elme Ladunni (Hidden /Invisible Knowledge) and by dint of that knowledge men can earn knowledge about Allah , offer prayer, can see the pious Ruhus and know prophet Mohammad (sm). He can discuss with the Ferestas, Poigambar (Prophet), and Hazrat Mohammad (sm). As a result they give the good news of the ?Bisale Abdi? ( Ever Lasting Meeting).
    4. If an Alem (learned man) read thousands of books but cannot acquire knowledge of ?Hidden Elm? , he will not be known as Alem. Man cannot acquire the Spiritual Power / Ruhaniat by Jaheri Elm (ExternalKnowledge). This category of Alem (Alem without Spiritual knowledge) will only gain Heaven. Jaheri Elm will not reach the Holy Herem Sharif ( Place of getting closer to Allah). So they will be deprived from getting proximity/closeness of Allah. As a bird cannot fly without two wings, similarly the Alem (learned man) who will not be in possession of both Jaheri (External) and Bateni (Hidden ) knowledge , he will not be able to reach the Monjile Maaksud
    ( Closeness to Allah)/will not be able to get closer to Allah.
    5. He who will acquire the Jaheri & Batini Elm and in line with those he will offer prayer to Allah with devotion , he will get place in the stage of closeness with Allah . Allah has mentioned, ? Halo my men! If you desire to enter my Herem , then do not look to any of the Mulk (Earthy Life), Malakut and Jabarut. The reason for that is :
    Mulk (Earthy) is the enemy of Alem (Learned),
    Malakut (Life after death) is the enemy of Aref ( Spiritualist) and Jabarut is enemy of the islamic theologist (Woli Allah).
    Those who will be attracted to these three world they will be deprived from getting in closeness to Allah. However , they will not be deprived from getting status /rank. Those who are really for getting closeness of Allah , Almighty Allah the greatest has kept such gift in return which have not been seen, heard, felt by anybody. In the Herem of Allah there is no blessing of Hoor (Beautiful Lady), Gelmon (Beautiful young boys), and other favors of heaven. There is only ever wanted thing Didar-e-Elahi- Meeting of Mawla Allah Subhanahu Taala.


    Elme Batin can only be achieved through taking lesson from those people (Woli Allah / Murshed) who are knowledgeable about Elme Jaher, Elme Batin and about the mystery of Alam -e- Malakut and who are farsighted. The stages of this system are:
    a. Bring faith accordingly as mentioned by Allah Rabbul Alamin in the holy Quran.
    b. Perform the Ibadat (prayer) as per rules & regulations of Shariat (Islam).

    c. Repent whole heartedly for the sinful acts done earlier and take Bayat (promise to follow Islam properly & refrain from sinful act in future) from a Holy man (Woli Allah) and continue to try to rectify own falt for self purification take lesson for that.
    d. Earn knowledge about Elme Jaher / Shariat and perform prayer in combination with Elme Shariat and Elme Batin as taught by Morshed (Spiritual teacher).
    e. Always remain happy to the wish / decision ( every happening ) of Allah and lead life and devote to the Ibadat (prayers of All types) of Allah with the hope of getting blessings of Allah and subsequently Didar-e-Elahi (Meeting Allah).


    It has already been discussed . Here we will try to clarify again. There are some impediments / hindrances (viz. Sex-passion, anger, greed, infatuation, vanity and envy, expectation, etc.) in following the rules and regulations of Shariat. The special means which is followed for leading life fully as per Shariat, overcoming those impediments / hindrances is known as TARIKAT. Tarikat is an arduous practice and life long struggle. Struggle in remaining away from the influences of the enemies Nafs-e Ammara ( as mentioned above) , Iblish, Jinn and bad man ; as mentioned in Sura Ekhlas. Those enemies give harmful advice to the heart of the man and try to push them towards the wrong and evil path. Hard struggle is required to remain safe from those evil counseling ,otherwise it becomes difficult to keep Iman (faith /belief) and Amal (practice) properly. The way of this struggle as set by those who are closer & friendly to Allah is known as Tarikat. About this struggle Prophet Mohammad (sm) has said, ? We have returned to comparatively strong Jihad (Struggle against Nafs-e- Ammara) from the comparatively weaker Jihad (A holy war).? - (Al Hadis )
    Huzur (sm) has said, ? Amongst your enemies great enemy is your Nafs/Ripu (six inherent /cardinal passions of man) and that is situated on the middle of your both ribs.? ( Al Hadis ).
    There are three types of Nafs. Nafs -e- Ammara, Nafs -e- Lawama , and Nafs-e-Mutmayenna.
    Nafs-e-Ammara: It is very dirty, worst, and sinful. As such always try to provocate for doing sinful work. It does not repent after doing sin. It is uncultured, shameless and immodest.
    Nafs-e-Lawama: It is a bit modest and pious. As such it can identify good and bad. If it does any wrong , then & then it repent for that and self reproach is created.
    Nafs-e-Mutmayenna: This is educated and perfectly pious. It never does any wrong and sin. It becomes visible due to enlightening by luster of Allah.
    Until and unless the internal enemy (six inherent passions of man) is controlled, a man cannot become pious and achieve the Mohabbat (Love/Friendship) of Allah. It is not possible to become favorite to Allah unless a man make his Nafs(Desires) free from bad habits including Excess drinking & Eating, Excess talking, Excess sleeping, Anger, Hot temper, Calling names and fighting/ animal behavior, Speaking ill of others( Gibat), Illegal sexual desire, Greed, Misery, Telling lie, Enmity, Envy, Proud ness, Hate etc. These are the companions of Nafs -e- Ammara.
    Following any ?Tarikat? is essential for controlling these bad practices/ habits. Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (sm ) has said, ? Shariat is my Kawol (Basis), Tarikat is my Aamal (Practice) and Hakikat is my Haal. (Situation ). ( Al Hadis).

    NB: From this Hadis it is easily understood that practicing & following the rules-regulation of Shariat properly is called Tarikat.
    If we go into depth, we see that in Hadis-e-Kudsi Allah says:
    ? Al Insanu Sirri Wa Ana Sirrahu.?- Mankind is my mystery and I am mysterious to mankind.
    Allah Rabbul Alamin also mentioned, ? Hidden knowledge is one of my mystery ,which I have bestowed in the ?Kalb? of my obedient followers and nobody except aware about that mystery??.
    So Tarikat is the process of establishing the relation between Almighty Allah Subhanahu Taala by discovering the mystery between Allah and his mankind.
    Huzur (sm) has said, ? Maan Arafa Nafsahu Fakad Arafa Rabbahu?. To know the identity of Allah Rabbul Alamin , get the identity of yourself.
    Allah has said, ? Mankind is my mystery. So it is not easy to understand this mystery??.
    Oh my Lord Allah! Please show me the truth correctly and give me capability to find out that. Which is not truth, please also show that and give me the strength to refrain from that.
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    How come a God couldn't protect himself!!!!

    Jesus is not a God
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    By Dr. Habib Siddiqui
    Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

    A Sitting with the Prophet Muhammad (S)

    "Islamic Wisdom"
    Khalid ibn al-Walid (Radhiall?hu ?nhu ) narrated the following:

    A bedouin came one day to the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad sal-lal-lahu alayhi wa sal-lam) and said to him:
    "O Messenger of Allah! I have come to ask you a few questions about the affairs of this life and the Hereafter."

    Rasulullah (sal-lal-lahu alayhi wa sal-lam) replied: "Ask what you wish."

    Q. I'd like to be the most learned of men.
    A. Fear Allah, and you will be the most learned of men.

    Q.I wish to be the richest man in the world.
    A. Be contented, and you will be the richest man in the world.

    Q.I'd like to be the most just man.
    Desire for others what you desire for yourself, and you will be the most just of men.

    Q.I want to be the best of men.
    A. Do good to others and you will be the best of men.

    Q.I wish to be the most favored by Allah.
    A. Engage much in Allah's praise, and you will be most favored by Him.

    Q.I'd like to complete my faith.
    A. If you have good manners you will complete your faith.

    Q.I wish to be among those who do good.
    A. Adore Allah as if you see Him. If you don't see Him, He seeth you. In this way you will be among those who do good.

    Q.I wish to be obedient to Allah.
    A. If you observe Allah's commands you will be obedient.

    Q.I'd like to be free from all sins.
    A. Bathe yourself from impurities and you will be free from all sins.

    Q.I'd like to be raised on the Day of Judgment in the light.
    A. Don't wrong yourself or any other creature, and you will be raised on the Day of Judgment in the light.

    Q.I'd like Allah to bestow His mercy on me.
    A. If you have mercy on yourself and others, Allah will grant you mercy on the Day of Judgment.

    Q.I'd like my sins to be very few.
    A. If you seek the forgiveness Allah as much as you can, your sins will be very few.

    Q.I'd like to be the most honorable man.
    A. If you do not complain to any fellow creature, you will be the most honorable of men.

    Q.I'd like to be the strongest of men.
    A. If you put your trust in Allah, you will be the strongest of men.

    Q.I'd like to enlarge my provision.
    A. If you keep yourself pure, Allah will enlarge your provision.

    Q.I'd like to be loved by Allah and His messenger.
    A. If you love what Allah and Him messenger love, you will be among thier beloved ones.

    Q.I wish to be safe from Allah's wrath on the Day of Judgment.
    A. If you do not loose your temper with any of your fellow creatures, you will be safe from the wrath of Allah on the Day of Judgment.

    Q.I'd like my prayers to be responded.
    A. If you avoid forbidden actions, your prayers will be responded.

    Q.I'd like Allah not to disgrace me on the Day of Judgment.
    A. If you guard your chastity, Allah will not disgrace you on the Day of Judgment.

    Q.I'd like Allah to provide me with a protective covering on the Day of Judgment.
    A. Do not uncover your fellow creatures faults, and Allah will provide you with a covering protection on the Day of Judgment.

    Q.What will save me from sins?
    A. Tears, humility and illness.

    Q.What are the best deeds in the eyes of Allah?
    A. Gentle manners, modesty and patience.

    Q.What are the worst evils in the eyes of Allah?
    A. Hot temper and miserliness.

    Q.What assuages the wrath of Allah in this life and in the Hereafter?
    A. Concealed charity and kindness to relatives.

    Q.What extinguishes hell's fires on the Day of Judgment?
    A. Patience in adversity and misfortunes.
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