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    At this time on-line chatting has improved and there are some successful stories. In fact, two guys I know are now married to that online friend. But, we need to do much more in order to better help Muslim girls/guys find a match. What we have right now is not enough.

    Currently, girls/guys, find a match through family, friends and the very few Muslim events (concerts, weddings etc.) that we have. Or for the last hope, go to a Muslim country, and marry a girl that you know nothing about. Or, take an American girl (Italian,french,Spanish, irish,Chinese, whatever) and change her religion and hope that she/he learns and can continue your tradition. We have Muslim girls, who are in there mid to late twenties, thirties, and can not find that sole mate or forget sole mate, a one leg/one eye, half brian guy, that is a clean hearted individual and that will love her for the rest of her life. These girls, are from good families, they don't go to clubs until 5 am, meet twenty guys per night. They go to school, work, and back to home. The fun thing they do is go shopping. That's it. They hope and wait to find someone so that they too can start there lives. Alright enough with the sad story. What we need to do is start to have more young (or old :):) ) Muslim gatherings. FUN single's gatherings. Also, have need more selection of web sites, for single muslin to meet. Free site, no monthly payments. At least for the girls. The guys could get a second or third job and pay the monthly fee.:). Personally I think. no member should pay, the site should funds it self through the companies who will post adds on that site, in which it will have millions and millions of viewers. Like the sites that are out and running for right now for Russian singles, Greeks, Israeli singles, etc...
    If not, I' II do it my self. Give me 6-9 months. I am working on couple other projects that are not finished yet.
    To be continued, your friend, your little/older brother, your financial advisor. This is one of the projects that I am working on, Free Financial advice for Muslim.
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    I myself met my husband online. Now we are married for over 4 years Alhamduli'Allah. I just would like to let you know that people who are still looking for the right person. Don't rely on specific site .. you have to look through all the Muslim marriage site but also do not rely on internet only. Speak to friends and family and even the local sheikh in your area. Get involved in the Islamic community in your city. these are some little things that you can do to help you meet people.
    and of course Pray .. never skip a prayer and pray to god to provide you the right person and insha'allah you will.
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    HOT GUY, asalaam wa leikum, i think you made many very good points, its funny because when i was reading your message i started to laugh.... because that sounds like me work, school, and on my free time, when i feel like i want to enjoy myself, i take myself shopping!! i viewed your profile and it said you are afghan,iam afghan as well but anyway good luck on your projects!!
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