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    as salam alaikum.
    i would request all the muslims to spread islamic teachings as much as u can.the best way of doing it by inspiring others ie to become an example for others to follow ,with ur good deeds n actions.when we know something bout islam thru quran n the hadith we should also let others know of it.i think we all should be in a constant process of learning and teaching.if anyone does any good because of what we told them inshallah Allah(swt)will reward us also befittingly.
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    I totally agree. I think we muslims needs to spread the knowledge of Islam. One imam told me it is forbidden to keep knowledge to yourself and not share it amongst others. I take the 4 steps in knowledge. Acquire knowledge, practice the knowledge you acquired, Be consistent, and teach the knowledge to others. I think the hardest part is being consistent in practicing the knowledge. May Allah make it easy to acquire and practice beneficial knowledge...ameen
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