Hijab wearing college students Cultures and Education

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    salaam aliakum to my muslim sister and brothers!
    i, myself had expreince all of muslim females who don't wear the hijaab, and even wear some nicked nasty cloth.
    there are alot of them,,,and we need to help them realized how the hijaab protects them from the evils. 68% of muslim girls that go the University of Minnesota don't wear hijaab,,,they don't even cover they body properly. so my fellow muslim sister and brother or those who want to help our sisters,am bad the fact that we see them and we know that they need help, but still we fool around,,,,lets help our sister,,,,,lets help,,,lets help them,,,
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 06, 2005 at 11:20 AM

    Insallah my dear sister Islam will spread to the whole world.
    the real question is how it will spread today we have muslim brothers and sisters who does not know what it really means to be a muslim why ?
    the reason is that the west is constantly pumping us up with western culture comprimised with
    Islam which is not the same thing as real islam.
    a good example is euro islam.

    the goal of the west is to make muslims believe that Islam is just a cheap religion but in real it is a deen that has a social system, foriegen policy, domistic policy and much more. it is a ideoligy sent down from Allah.

    please do comment on this if you wish.

    my mail is;
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    I think more women are wearing hijab because there are more converts. And with the west trying to make islam look bad it is making the western women look into it, thrus making us islamic women look superior they see that allah put the hijab in place so we would not be "molested by others gazes" so insha allah brother islam is spreading.
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