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    "British forces spokesman Major Steve Melbourne said the two men had immunity from prosecution under an arrangement between the Iraqi government and coalition forces."

    (check out news dot bbc dot co dot uk for the article)

    should the uk troops have immunity..?
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  • View author's info Posted on Oct 09, 2005 at 05:20 PM

    Brother i have been reading MANY books regarding and Hadiths regarding this issue and now Duas are only if you dont have the means to go.

    Just the Way you do your salaat as its Fard Ain, so is the current opression of the muslims, You heard of Sheikh Tameem Al Adnani or Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, they are MArtyrs and i'm only acting upon what these GREAT men have said using Quran and Hadeeth as Proof.

    The muslims in the countries being opressed cannot defend themselves thats why we are now sinning by not going!!

    "History is written with the Blood of the Martyrs" not sitting at home making dua, only Making Dua if you dont have the finances to go and only that reason

    When muslims are on the ofensive you need to ask permission off your parents/Wife

    but when were on the defensive then a Wife doesnt need to ask husband, a son doesnt need to ask mother or wife!

    Jihad is now COMPULSARY as the Salaat we do 5times a day and any who denies these facts has strayed FAAR from the path, and bro if we dont make things happen then who will?? if everyone thought, dont worry theyll do it, then we will be finished!!!

    I'm not angry at the KUFR bro, its not them, theyre only doing what we allow them to do, if we stood up, they will sit down FULL STOP, but as mentioned in the Hadeeth, we have too much love for Dunya thats why we are the way we are, being pushed around in our own countries, we migrating to there pathetic countries!!, there was a day when the KUFR used to come to us for EVERYTHING, the life was in islamic countries, they have robbed EVERYTHING from us!!

    My mate who is doing an Aleem course at current moment who is one of the most pious brothers i know told me something he learnt

    a Shaheed says to his friend, who wakes up every Tahujud to pray for the Muslims being opressed and pray for the ummah non stop till Fajr, that "your tears are NOTHING compared to what we go through, you cry tears for the Ummah and we shed blood for it!

    and thats me and you, crying like COWARDS!!!
    If Umar RA was around today every muslim would have been rounded up by now to defeat the opressors regardless how far they were from the area of trouble, and if you said, "Umar let us stay home and make dua and have SUBBAR while muslims are being opressed, tortured, sexually abused and murdered, then what would he say to you??

    he would have your head off!

    so bro i'm not angry, just making a point, as too many muslims, women included, dont think its fARD Ain, but it is, no doubts

    As compulsary as your Salaat and your fasting!!
  • View author's info Posted on Oct 08, 2005 at 06:42 AM

    Salam brother prophet muhammad (pbuh)said to a man DON T GET ANGRY 3 times abd then said "dont u your face changes colour,don't u see the fire ,don't u see the shaytan coming?learn from the sunnah with understanding brother.
    We know whats going on ,prayer and patiance is the greatest jihad and they will be the losers AHAMDULILLH!
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 24, 2005 at 01:02 PM

    I am certainly no advocate of the armed forces, but the rest of the article states.... But he said the UK would "work closely" with the Iraqi investigation team, and with the Iraqi government.

    Which means that on some level it will be investigated. I think what we should question is not whether they are immune from Iraqi law, but rather if they fall under the jurisdiction of British law will it actually be investigated by an independent body, and will justice be done? Hmmmm perhaps I am asking too much.
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