how are pakistani brothers and sisters after eartquake Pakistani Muslims Forward to friends

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    i am very sorry about eartquake and i'd like to express my sympathy for all muslim brothers and sister whom relatives passed away. May Allah mercy upon them. as a turkish, pakistani people are very important for me. during the history they have everytime good wishes for us and they helped us during our war of liberation.i am praying for all pakistani people. may Allah help them and makes everthing easy for them
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    well... u know this waz a sign of qayamat,
    i m 4m pakistan and when i watched da newz it waz so sad i woudln't help crying. i looked around me and saw dat all my family members were crying,
    we called paki and my pohpoh said dat she waz laying down on the bed and the bed stanter to shake, she said at first i thought someone waz shaking my bed then suddenly da closets fell opened and all da things started to fall out she told my cousins to come out by sitting down. she said s dat wen she went outside everyone living around waz saying da kalma out loud. my pohpoh says she thought qayamat waz here.
    then my khalah experienced the same thing, she said she felt the ground shake, and the things on the shelves started to fall down, she says the first thing dat came to her mind waz it can't be qayamat, b'cauz qayamat is suppose to be on Jumma.(friday) she went outside and again pplz livine around were saying the kalma out loud.
    everyone waz scared to death, and so just thing wat waz happening to the pplz who actually died.
    so lets just pary to allah to show us the right path.
    "YA-llah, tu hi hai, tu sab ko suchai ka rasta dika, tu humein maaf karde, hum tumhare gunnah-ghaar hain. humein maaf karde.(AMEEN- SUMMAH-AMEEN)
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    I feel sorry about earthquake in Pakistan and feel so sad too because they have to stay in cold and freezing weather lately. I can imagine how hard to live in outside with that kind of wheather specially for the children. They really need helps from all the world....we try to collect few things for them here in Indonesia. Hopefully, it will be usefull for them...just try to knock everypeople around the world to help them. They might need some warm clothes, blanket, etc...Diah

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    assalamulaikum for u all
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    Amna001, i wouls like to chat with you....i am henna
    get back to me
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    Salam aleikum...

    Intellect is scarce in this world ruled by the likes of a bush... as i always say!

    Is this a fitting reply to me? You laughed at my earlier comments as if to mock me... and said you were relatively less informed! But now you speak like a thorough scholar!! So are you a man of ilm? or just an impostor? I'm asking because i respect ilm.

    Take care brother... And may ALLAH guide us to heaven and forgive us for our sins as we repent...

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    Were it not for
    the excess of your talking
    and the turmoil in your hearts,
    you would see what I see
    and hear what I hear!
    ill not say any more on the topic mr sandman ,the say ilm can become hijab
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    Salam aleikum...

    Intellect is but scarce in this world ruled by the likes of a bush... quote from the famous sandman!!

    How are you brother? Alhamdulillah! I hope, as ur name states!! :) Its good to see that what I say make people laugh too... Its nice to laugh forgetting the problems of this world isn't it? and in that i feel blessed!!! :)

    Well, concerning Satan... it is said that he was the best follower of God. His jealousy and hatred is only toward man[cos someone who has seen the power and capability in person of God would'nt take him as an enemy, Satan is smart!!!! he he]. Satan regards man as the prime reason for his ousting from heaven! He was sentenced to hell, when he asked God for a chance to prove the unfaithfullness and unthankfullness of man.

    I do not know if God knew this or not... Please correct me, with proof from Qur'an and Sunnah, if I am wrong... But seems to me, that God does not interfere in free-will. We(humans) and jinns(demons) have the freedom to thought. We may think and decide for ourselves... making us capable of sin. The angels have no free-will and hence can do no evil. Thus, humans and demons are unpredictable in their actions and angels are totally predictable! Though God is the knower of the secrets of the heart and the knower of all that happens in the present and has happened in the past... he has never mentioned much of the future.. other than the signs of how the world will end and what stage of atrocity man will come to... Thus my conclusion, logically is that God has given us the freedom to choose. God must know the present, past and the future. But, through our free-will we may be able to change our future...

    Let me be a bit philosophical... please forgive me for boring my other brothers and sisters. Think of life as a path to our destinations. The path breaks up into many sub-paths. We many take any sub-path. God must know what each sub-path is, and what lies at the end, but it is upto man to choose which path to take and which destiny to fulfill!!!

    I just put it in simple words to make all of you understand. The concept maybe childish, but its the only one that satisfies my logic about the omnipresent and all-knowing nature of God. If you have suggestions with proof, please put it up for the benefit of all, including me...

    May Allah grant us paradise which we so rightfully deserve and give us all that he promised for good faith in the here and here-after...

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    aslmo leykum
    seeing comments of sand man really make me laugh!! Absolutely .does he know sheytan had lot of hilm and did more ibbadat than the sand man, but he was kicked out of Paradise for not prostrating in front of hz ADAM ELI ISLAM, THE ONLY THING I'M GOING TO ASK YOU MR SAND MAN IS Y DID ALLAH ASK TO PROSTRATE &AND AND DID ALLAH TALA NOT KNOW THAT SHEYTAN IS GOING TO DISOBEY HIM? By the way my knowledge is very limited so if i didn't use the right word or offended any one i ask 4 givens
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    Salam aleikum...

    Intellect is but scarce in this world ruled by the likes of a bush... quote from the famous sandman!!

    How is everyone? Fine i hope... My dear Khan Sahib... I know of the atrocities committed in India in the name of Islam. When i said of shirk connected with shrine worship, i did not mean to single out Pakistan. Pakistani bretheren are as dear to me as the muslim bretheren of any nation. As muslims we are not allowed to believe in nationalism. Nationalist feelings hold no value in Islam. But India is my home... and what i have learnt from Islam is that the nation that feeds you, allows you to make a living and shelters u with the freedom to follow religion, is my home. I would not burn it down for any reason, would i?

    Coming back my earlier statements... I only said that Pakistan is famous for doing this sort of thing... and the brothers and sisters in Pakistan must realize it is bad for Islam. My country India too is famous for various shrines... . In my locality itself there are so many shrines, big and small that i know off. One of the most memorable instances in my life, was when i and a group of my friends approached the Ustaad of a madrasa, which is funded from a shrine. We asked him of the relevance of the shrine and its petty saint to the religon. He said there is Qur'anic proof to shrine worship. When we asked him to give us the reference, he was suddenly filled with an unexplainable rage, anger that comes from jahiliyah! He told us so many irrelevant stuff and told us that hes part of the ahlussunnah group and that hes a sunni and that he fears God. But he never really gave us the reson for promoting shrine worship. Typical of people involeved in shirk. They have no reason for it.

    By the way i am from Kerala... As u know Islam entered the subcontinent from Malabar. I'm from the southernmost part of kerala... thats trivandrum, the capital district. We are famous for many other shrines .. i'll name them so when u visit u can ask to visit these places and see the deepness of stupidity and ignorance of religious principles...

    1. BIMA PALLI( This is the shrine of mother BIMA, supposedly an Arab lady, one of the first to come to India for teaching Islam... she must be so sad in her grave over the atrocities being committed in her name...)

    2. KADUVAI PALLI(The shrine of the Tiger Ustad... Dont know about the origin)

    3. PACHAKKARI THANGAL DURGAH(The durgah of some whose comically named, The Vegetable Ustad... funny!! i dont know the origin of this one either)

    These are the three main ones... there are countless smaller shrines within my locality itself... which is about 5-10 sq.miles..... So if its like this here do i have to explain about the whole of India??? Once more.. please read my statements before accusing me... I have not and will not hide lies, even if they happen in my mother country.

    I hope i have not hurt anyones feelings with the truth... May Allah forgive me and all my brothers and sisters and help us in attaining the heaven which is our birthright as muslims... Aameen!

    Jazak ALLAH...
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    Salam Aleikum...

    Intellect is but scarce in this world ruled by the likes of a bush... quote from the famous sandman!!

    How is everyone in here?? I dont mean to be impolite or bossy, but Umer bhai... this forum or site does not belong to u... The users here have the right to post their beliefs and only through meaningful converstaions can we rise from petty quarrels to the magnificience of knowledge.

    Satan makes himself evident in so many ways... This is what he tells us, "Pray to God, cos its good. But God cant give us the things we ask for so quickly!! Its BEUROCRACY!!! Hes too busy with other stuff... If you got a guy to remind God, like a saint or someone else close to God... u get ur job done!!! Wow, Is it possible to bribe the guy? Cos i want some things to be urgently taken care of by God!!"

    The simple mind of man is not able to comprehend the Omnipresence of God. This quality of God gives him the ability to stay in touch with each and every one of his creatures and take care of their needs and punish them when necessary. When will man learn that its futile to ask someone to recommend to the Lord, who knows all and decides with the utmost justice. Ultimate justice is only possible from God...

    May God save us from jahiliyah and raise us to the position we deserve as the true torch bearers of God...

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    Assalamu alaykum Ya Akhi
    Reply for dearest Mr Sandman2000..

    Syukran jazeeran for your reply. Yes, my name means "Light" Alhumdullilah. My dear brother, All of us are lost in darkness without a guide to help us navigate this world. Please pray for me and for the rest that we will see the True Light. Insya'allah.

    I gather, you are an intelligent young man. Alhumdullilah. This is indeed a blessing from Allah to you. Syukrillah.

    Indeed you did not see any quotes of Quran and Hadith in my comment.The reason because i'm here not to teach.It was just a comment. But then again it's very nice of you to highlight and i really appreciate it. Thus, have quoted a couple hadith for references.

    You asked me why do i call Nabi Khidir a Nabi? Because he is indeed a Nabi. In Arabic, Nabi means a Prophet. In islamic Tawheed, the Nabis that are wajeeb for us to know are 25. I believe i do not have to list them down. Why 25? Because these Nabi-s are also Rasuls which means Messengers with an appointed task to spread islam. But Allah has created 124,000 Nabi-s. Wallahu alam bi sawab. Allah Knows best.

    The books i quoted you as references contained the compilations of Hadith Sahih in them. Especially, Dala-ilun Nubuwwah by Al-Baihaqi which is promised to be guarded from any Hadith Mau'dhu. (False Hadith) It is definitely, not a book written by man on theories and ideologies.

    Brother Umar have indeed wrote an enriching comment on this topic. May Allah bless you, Umar. My sentiments exactly. Thus, there's no need for me to repeat.

    With regards to At-tawassul,

    Rasullulah S.A.W had done a tawassul for Fatimah Binti Asad, Mother of 'Ali bin Abi Thalib upon her death in his name as well as in the name of the prophets before him.

    Based on hadith Shahih from Anas r.a,

    "Anahu lamma farogho an hafri lahamdiha dakhola Rasullullahi Sallaallahu 'alaihi wa sallam fadthoja'a fiihi wa qola: Allahu ladzhi yuhyii wa yummit, wa huwa hayyu la yamutu, ighfir li ummi fathimata binti asadiin, wa laqqinha hujjataha, wa was si' 'alaiha mad kholaha, bi haqqi nabiyyika wal annabiyya illadzhi min qoblii fa innaka ar-hamurrahimin.

    Hadith is in arabic, May Allah forgive me and us for innaccuracy in translation for no language is better that the Quranic Language itself arabic.

    " After finishing the digging of her grave, Rasullulah S.a.w went in and lean against it and say, : Oh Allah, The Creator of Life and Death, He Who is Everliving and Will Never Succumb to Death, I seek forgiveness for my mother, Fathimah Binti Asad, Please accept her supplications, and create ease for her entrance (to her grave), in the name of your prophet (Rasullulah s.a.w) and in the name of all the Prophets before me. You are the Most Kind, the Most Merciful.

    Wallahu alam bi sawab.

    There's another Hadith with sanad from Sahih Al-Bukhari and Muslim. Narrated by Umar Al-Khattab r.a with regards to Nabi Adam a.s.whereby when he wanted to repent from his sins and seek forgiveness from Allah, Adam a.s did a tawassul in the name of Rasullullah S.A.W even before The Beloved Rasullulah S.A.W was created.And, Nabi Adam a.s was given pardon by Allah (SWT).
    (This hadith can be found in the Dala-ilun Nubuwwah by Al-Baihaqi)

    Another hadith from Sahih Al-Bukhari and Anas R.a with regards to at-tawassul.

    During the time of drought, Umar Bin Khattab make supplication, at-tawassul in the name of Rasullullah's Uncle, 'Abbas bin 'Abdul Muthalib r.a

    "Allahumma inna kunna iza fakhotnaa tawassalnaa ilaika nabiyyinaa fatasqhiinaa, wa innaa natawassalu ilaika biammi nabiyyinaa Muhammad Sallahu 'alaihi wassalama, Fasqhinaa, Qhola: Fayuskuuna.

    "Oh Allah, in times of drought, we make a tawassul through (in name of) Our Prophet and You made it rain. At this moment, we make a tawassul through (in name of) the uncle of our Prophet, Muhammad S.A.W, thus please let it rain. It is said: Rain came."

    All these hadith can be found in the references. Insya'allah.

    However dear Brother, i have to agree with you that there are indeed some people who make the saints as god-like figures.Na uzhubillah min Dzalik. But do not let the mistake of a few men tarnished the reputation of a thousand good men.

    I do not wish to engage in a discussion on this topic of sufism. At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Hence, we should all respect each others opinion. We are all here to create ukhwah. Insya'allah. Thus, i shall rest my case and deem case closed at my end.

    Lastly, i seek forgiveness from all my muslim brothers and sisters for any unpleasant or hurtful feelings that indirectly may be created.

    May Allah forgive me for all my errors, sin, and embrace me and guide me towards his Divine Presence. And May Allah Bless you all. Take care..

    Barakallahu feeki,
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    Asalamu Alikum .
    In the name of Allah the most kind and most merciful.

    Reply for Sand2000.

    My dear brother, I am happy to know that you realize your mistake and ask forgiveness to Allah (S:W:T).To ask for forgiveness is itself a blessing. May Allah forgive you and me as well. We all are some ones in fact dirty one and ignorant one. You gave some reference from Quran Al Karim and Hadis Shareef. They are very good one. But in all these references i could not find anything against Sufiism (Tasawuf). Who is saying to you to worship a saint. Asterfirullah. Worshiping is only for Allah (S.W.T) as Nour wrote in her comment. The essence of sainthood is to guide or to teach people. For example you have many teachers for Math or for physics and so on. We need also teacher who teaches us how to control our EGO. How to be humble? How to give respect .The real master (Sheikh) is the one who teaches you how to practice Shariya.
    This is the meaning of the Prophet Muhammad?s (sal) saying: ?If knowledge is to be found even in China, you must go for it.? At that time China was the last known place on earth, beyond which no country was heard of. The Prophet (sal) knew better, but he was telling the people in front of him who knew only China as the furthest place. He meant to say: ?If you are asking for knowledge, and the person who can teach you that knowledge is in China, then run to him.?
    This is the reason that. All four distinguished Imams (Imam Malik,Imam Hamble,Imam Shafi and Imam Abu Hanifa ?May Allah bless all of them) had Sheikhs (Guides) and all these sheikhs were biggest saints of their time. I hope you can get references from the books that Nour referred you.

    Now the question is, who these people are .who are worshiping at saints Maqams. These are the people who do not have any teacher. They completely misunderstood the concept of Sufism (Tasawuf).May Allah (S.W.T) guide them.
    I do not want to start a discussion. I only wrote this comment to keeping in mind the Hadis Shareef of RasulAllah (S.A:W).Here is the meaning ?Deen is advice?. I can tell you something what I learned from my Sheikh (May Allah bless him). If some of our brothers do not like this comment, I request them not to start a discussion on this forum.

    May Allah forgive me and bless all of us.Amen
    Barakallah Fe Kahir.
    Umar Farooq
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    Salam Aleikum...

    Intellect is but scarce in this world ruled by the likes of a bush... quote from the famous sandman!

    My dear sister AnNour, which i believe means 'The Light', why with a name full of light are you lost in this darkness. You speak of research, study and of understanding your religion, yet i have not see a single quote which bases proof from the Qur'an nor the authentic hadith. Isn't a muslim supposed to learn from these two sources only??

    You speak of so many books... 'Dala-ilun Nubuwwah' by Al-Baihaqi, 'Mu'jamush Shaghir' by Ath-Thabrani and 'Al-Mustadrak' by Al-Hikam for more details. If what you say is Islamic and the way of the messenger, why dont u base your proofs on the Qur'an and hadith? Do you, who likens man's intellect to that of a drop in the ocean of knowledge, believe in some ill-guided way that these books(written by man) are superior to the truths of the Qur'an?? Are you trying to teach something to God who created you?

    I dont know much about Nabi Khidir. Is this the name of some Nabi in your language??? Or is he some saint, like the sufi saints? The sufis are responsible for mysticizing the otherwise crystal clear principles of Islam. They also make up a lot of magical stories that are not documented and say it is the life of pious muslims. They like magic and miracles being attributed to Islam rather than simple living and normal conditions of life. I know my Nabi... Muhammed(pbuh) and i shall suffice myself with loving him, respecting him and following his hadith. Maybe Nabi Khidir(why do you call him Nabi??!) was a wise man, but he cannot possibly know more than God!!

    The Qur'an speaks of the oceans too...

    1. "Say: 'Though the sea became ink for the Words of my Lord, Verily the sea would be used up before the Words of my Lord were exhausted, even though we brought the like thereof to help.' Say:'I am only a man like you. The inspiration has come to me that your God is only one God. And whosoever expects to meet his Lord, let him do righteous deeds, and make none sharer of the worship due unto his Lord.'"

    This is clear message from God to his messenger, to make him clarify to mankind that even He(prophet) is a man. If the prophet is a mere man... What are the other holy men?? The prophet is the leader of mankind, right? Hes the best form of a human being... What power can man hold over the supreme decisions of the Lord?? So what help can your mediators(holy men) do for u?? Obviously none! Answer me and the other who read this forum sister AnNour...

    The Holy Qur'an on the topic of associating worship with 'partners' or 'close' people of God...

    1. "They worship besides Allah that which neither hurts them nor benefits them, and they say: 'These are our intercessors with Allah.' Say: 'Would you inform Allah of something that He knows not in the heavens or on the earth. Glorified be He and high exalted above all that they associate with Him." (Holy Qur'an, 10:18)

    2. "What! Do they take for intercessors others beside Allah? Say: 'What! even though they have power over nothing and no intelligence?" (Holy Qur'an 39:43)

    Let us discuss the above 2 verses, which is one of many that show that intercessors(mediators) are not permissible and is spoken off against in the strongest language. Allah asks us whether we are teaching Him(who knows all) something new in the heavens and earth!!! This is strong language, because Allah does not use foul language. Compared to the usual advice-like and affectionate messages of God Almighty in the Holy Qur'an, this very much strong in its presentation and context. Also he speaks of these saints as ones having no intelligence and power over nothing!!! Hope this clarifies a lot of doubts and helps you in your research of Islam.

    Sister AnNour said... "In addition, the word "stupid" you used to describe the saints is totally unappropriate too. I think you have misunderstood the whole idea about them. I believe people do not literally seek assistance from the saints and completely disregarding Allah altogether. Yes, it is true that our deen teaches us to believe in the One and Only Allah. There's no questions about that. But there's the concept of 'al-wassala' and 'at-tawassul' whereby supplications are made in conjunction with the names of these saints and holy beings for blessings due to their calibre, amal ma'ruf and nahi munkar and their closeness to Allah."

    I think the concepts of 'al-wassala' and 'al-tawassul' go against the ultimate concept of 'Tawheed'. My dear dear sister, there is no need to use the names of saints to supplicate to God! Infact Allah dislikes it and speaks of it with the utmost anger. If his love for mankind is unimaginable, I dare not think of his anger for disobedience.

    Tawheed is the essence of Islam and the mainspring of its strength. All other laws, beliefs and commands of Islam stand firm on this foundation. Take it away, and there is nothing left of Islam!!

    I did not want to hurt your feelings by insulting those people. They might have been respectable and knowledgable individuals in their time, but i only cursed the God-figures that they have become. I did not mean to disrespect their person!

    May Allah show you the Nour to his house in the hereafter and give me and all of us forgiveness for the words we speak and write out of our limited knowledge. May he forgive us for our fallacies in religion and raise us to the position that we deserve as the true people of God. Aameen!

    Ma'salamah sister....
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    Assalamu alaykum
    Reply for Sandman2000..

    In the name of Allah the most kind and most merciful.

    I read your comments and there are some things that i want to seek clarification on. Firstly to start, I'm neither a Pakistani nor an Indian. I have no issues on these 2 nationalities. To me, nationality aren't important, ultimately we are all muslims. Thus, we should render assistance to one another.

    However, I do find it unappropriate for you to quote the Pakistan nation as the source of humiliation to our deen, Al-Islam.

    Dear Brother, think of the ocean. Nabi Khidir (May Allah bless him) once make a comparison and said his knowledge is just like a tiny drop from the vast ocean. If a great and knowledgable man who loves Allah like him said that..What about us? Are we up to calibre to make unjust comments given our lack of knowledge? It's best to analyse, do some research and most importantly make du'a to Allah to guide us on matters that we do not know and in doubts. By being humble, only then Allah will open our hearts to see the hidden truth. " Allah will give secrets to the hearts of his servants to whom he desires"

    In addition, the word "stupid" you used to describe the saints is totally unappropriate too. I think you have misunderstood the whole idea about them. I believe people do not literally seek assistance from the saints and completely disregarding Allah altogether. Yes, it is true that our deen teaches us to believe in the One and Only Allah. There's no questions about that. But there's the concept of 'al-wassala' and 'at-tawassul' whereby supplications are made in conjunction with the names of these saints and holy beings for blessings due to their calibre, amal ma'ruf and nahi munkar and their closeness to Allah.

    References with regards to this can be found in books 'Dala-ilun Nubuwwah' by Al-Baihaqi, 'Mu'jamush Shaghir' by Ath-Thabrani and 'Al-Mustadrak' by Al-Hikam for more details.

    May Allah forgive me and guide all of us. Insya'allah.

    " The shortest distance between 2 points is the Straight Path"

    Fee amanillah,
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 21, 2005 at 06:25 AM

    Salam aleikum

    Intellect is but scarce in this world ruled by the likes of a bush... quote from the famous sandman!!!

    I must apologize... Sincerely and deeply from the bottom of my heart for the following statement :

    "and on some stupid dead bodies(saints) who cannot save them in the here or hereafter."

    That is an excerpt from my last message to this forum. I forgot that amongst the practisers of Shirk, there would be soft hearted individuals like umer bhai. Bhai... U are truly blessed with the softness of heart, that GOD gives only to his most trusted and valuable servants. I do not have to teach you that SHIRK is the biggest sin according to Islam. It is ranked first among the major sins and it holds place even above murder.

    Let me narrate to a few verses of the Holy Qur'an and the Sahih hadith for some relevant proof regarding, Saints and holy men(like the saint of Ajmeer)


    (1) "... And those who choose friends besides HIM(GOD), say: 'We worship them only that they may bring us near to Allah.' Lo! Allah guides not such as are false and ungrateful." (Holy Qur'an 39:3)

    (2) "They worship besides Allah, that which neither hurts them nor benefits them, and they say: 'These are our intercessors with Allah." Say: 'Would you inform Allah of something that He knows not in the heavens or on the earth. Glorified be He and high exalted above all that they associate with him." (Holy Qur'an 10:18)

    (3) "What! Do they take for their intercessors others besides Allah? Say: 'What! even though they have power over nothing and have no intelligence?" (Holy Qur'an 39:43)


    Ayisha and Abdullah(may Allah be pleased with them) reported that : "As the messenger of Allah(PBUH) was about to breathe his last, he drew his sheet upon his face and when he felt uneasy he uncovered his face and said in this very state: There is a curse upon Jews and Christians that they have taken the graves of their prophets a places of worship. He, infact, warned against what they did." (Bukhari and Muslim)

    The prophet(PBUH) also said: "Beware of becoming like those who preceded you and used to take the graves of their prophets and pious men as places of worship. You must not not take graves as mosques. I forbid you from it." (Muslim)

    The Prophet (PBUH) once explained how Shirk develops. It begins with good intentions, that is, the building of a house of worship by the grave of a pious man so that, by proximity and association there be an atmosphere of piety around the place. But eventually, the people begin to look at the pious man as a demigod and then in due course, elevate him to the higher status of Godhood. This, obviously weakens ones belief in One God and amounts to denial of tawheed. The pictures and images of pious men are displayed in temples in order to keep their sacred memories alive, but with passage of time people begin to worship them.

    I have always wished i could have seen the Prophet(PBUH). But it cannot be so.. beacuse of the mentality of our people to make gods out of men. Men die, Men be born, Men eat, Men marry.... How then would man have the power over all? when his own life is determined by the processes that god designed for life??

    I lacked the eloquent language to speak of those dead and maybe honourable men, and i admit it is my mistake.May God forgive me... Astaghfirullah! But Umer bhai... i did not mean to disrespect them, i wanted to curse and show my anger at the god figures that they have become. I believe i have done jihad by speaking good. So i rest my case with you Umer bhai. You decide whether your logic or the Qur'an and Hadith speak the truth.

    Hope we may be able to follow the righteous path and attain goodness in the here and hereafter.
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 20, 2005 at 04:25 AM

    Asalamau Alikum,

    This reply is for Sandman2000. My dear brother. What you wrote in your last message ?and on some stupid dead bodies(saints) who cannot save them in the here or hereafter? really hearts my feelings. Who gave you the right to use such words against saints. Do you know this saying of RasulAllah (S.A.W).?
    Seyyidina Ali asked the Prophet, ?what is the easiest way to our Lord? He said, Oh Ali, look for one Friend of Allah and stay in his shadow. A shadow is not going to separate from a man. Then you may reach easily and quickly to the Lord?s Presence?.

    At the moment I remember a very good saying of Imam Gzali (May Allah bless him). Do not ask for the hate of a man, man who is the Love of thousands men.

    I am very thankful to all our Indain Muslim brothers. what they did for us. But I think, it is their religious duty to do it for their Pakistani brothers. May Allah give them reward here and hereafter.

    May Allah Forgive me and guide all of us to Sirate Mutaqeem. Amen.
    Umar Farooq
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 18, 2005 at 11:18 PM

    Salam aleikum...

    Intellect is but scare in this world ruled by the likes of a bush!!... quote from the famous sandman!!

    I was shocked at the devastating effect of the zilzilah! My solidarity rests with the poor people who now live in refugee camps. What it must feel to lose a home, be hungry, watch people crushed... May ALLAH spare all his slaves from such misery.. :(

    I'm an Indian muslim and i'm very sad that brother SAJI2 from Punjab province of the Pak territory has not expressed gratitude for the help and assitance that India has provided for the quake victims. I'm saddened that the stupid terrorists used the confusion created by this quake for their benefit and infiltrated into India.

    Pakistan is famous for humiliating Islam with its belief in durgahs and petty shrines! While Islam is based on the belief of GOD, Paki muslims base their Islam on the number 786- a stupid, idotic and uttermost foolish numerical representation of the most glorious words in the Qur'an "In the name of God (BISMILLAHI RAHMANI RAHIM)" and on some stupid dead bodies(saints) who cannot save them in the here or hereafter. A zilzilah does not occur by chance and by accepting the scientific explanation to a zilzilah, i could become a non-muslim and hence i strongly believe that it is a sign from almighty Allah. He punishes those who deserve it with his control over the forces of nature... like the tsunami killer wave. I only hope that this oppurtunity favors a chance for self-realization and coming back to the real Islam for the muslims of Pak.

    I'm a muslim first, then an Indian and nationalism holds no place in Islam. But what i have learned from Islam is that the nation that supports you and feeds you, and permits you to practice your faith with peace, is your home!!! And i would not burn down or degrade my home for anyone... muslim or of any other religion.

    Hope you are happy with my answer. So go home happy reading that muslims here(INDIA) pray that sense be put into the stupid terrorists and foolish aggressors who give Islam a bad name and that we may not be humiliated in the here or hereafter...

    May ALLAH help all us muslims to rise from petty skirmishes to a higher ground of peace and develpment and also show us the true path to god. So God help us!! Let God give us the respect and glory we deserve as his people... Aameen!!

    Ma'salam :)
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 10, 2005 at 05:15 AM

    i think that earth/q bring unity in muslim umma espacialy in pakistani ppl all over the world
    may Allah give us more unity and strenth
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 03, 2005 at 12:44 PM

    Thanks, I've not went up north but all I know is that the earthquake hit areas turned to stone age time ..
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