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    The most appealing man is a Muslim one...

    And I don't mean the part time or fakies... They're all so Holy in the public but in private they are a jerk . Oh the LOUD ones that Feel like Shouting would get their point across

    Nor the Western one that feel like Islam is a mere religion and no one can judge them when they are doing wrong but accept them as is.

    Nor the ones that judge and start marking up stuff they think is Haram but at the same time make what is Haram right.

    But the true simple quiet muslim man that's just smiles at a joke instead of being Loud and over bearing (SP). The ones that wakes up in the middle of the night and make Tahajud during and after Ramadan.

    The ones that's sweetly intimate with their wife and end the end makes Gusel (SP) and make two rakats prayer before going to bed.

    The ones that help out around the house instead of waiting and watching ther spouse do all the work

    The ones that set up time to read Quran for more then an hour. If married they'll read Quran with their wife.

    The ones that supports and provide for his family fully.

    The ones that would drikr Allah not only after prayers but through out the day.

    Ya Allah!!!

    How appealing are these Men and sadly how few exsist today.

    Forget about looks and wealth but look at his deen.. His spirituality. Does he follow the ways of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) or not?

    (I'm not the author if this, but oh did this sister take the words right out of my mouth!)
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    salam alikoum
    i wanna say that no one is the ambassador of Islam .man what ever his behavior in public or in private is merely a human with its qualities and its defects.the value of this holly religion is in its principles ,it cannot be judged according to a motel acts.
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 28, 2005 at 08:25 AM

    Asalamu Alikum Dear Sister,

    I should say these words are real pearls because they are describing the diamonds not the stones. Diamonds are always expensive are rare to find but on contrary you can find many stones and imitating diamonds easily.

    Believe on Allah and do a lot of supplications. He will bless you with such a husband.insha?Allah.

    May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one through His servents Sayadina Muhammad Salalahuali Wasalm.

    Umar Farooq
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