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  • View author's info Author Posted on Dec 22, 2005 at 04:16 AM

    who r muslim gay can u contact me
    i want to know what gay is ?
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  • View author's info Posted on Jun 19, 2007 at 02:22 PM

    american muslim guy or gay .you must be gay? or you dont read the Quran. And your DEFINATELY NO SCHOLAR PLEASE! and yes there where other reasons why sodom and gomorra where destroyed fagism being the main one. get help guy!
  • View author's info Posted on May 12, 2007 at 06:39 PM

    slm sister u can find the stick insect in my comments she is the one with the dark goggles and the spagetthi hair..even my one year old has more
  • View author's info Posted on May 10, 2007 at 08:53 PM

    lol you sound like a cool girl love that up and down thing...wo was the girl any way? keep in touch.
  • View author's info Posted on May 07, 2007 at 04:43 PM

    salaam sis rimah83, no i wasnt offended by any of your comments, i think that u misunderstood me..what i was trying to say was that on this site some stupid ppl bring up silly issues which they think that us muslim ppl are not aware of or they they just want to start of a long episode for a prolonged debate.

    i was just trying to make the point that one does not have to be a scholar to know that being gay or lesbian is haram...all holy scrpitures forbid it..

    as for that canadian girl who is bisexual...well she winked at me and asked me if i swing both ways i said yes up n down she didnt like it so she told me not to harass her i told her to stop being childish..she made it out that coz she has a picture on line then she can i told her that islam does not judge a book by its i havent heard of her since then
  • View author's info Posted on May 03, 2007 at 06:58 PM

    Salam sis im sorry if my comment offended you i hope you took the time to read my folow up comment on the issue.
    I want to make it clear that at no point did i doubt what we all know to be true i simply wanted to stress the importance of being armed with the right respoces in thies situations...all people were saying is Allah says its wrong...wich is true unfortunatly that was the point the user was disputing and that issue was not being adressed. he was disputing the actual authenticity of the law and all we were saying is but its the law...i dont know if you get what im saying but the botom line is that not al religions confrontations are best resolved by quoting the Quran Islam is a religion of intilect and so if we are being attacked on a historical front we must be able to defend ourselfs on that level...but we coant do that with out looking for the facts that disclame the accusations. So your right we dont have to be scholars but we must always use our intelect expecially when dealing with issues of Faith. There is no compultion in eligion and not being able to respond to a statement that goes againt us is unacceptable. So i call al muslims to look into the foundation of all claims made against islam We know alah has provided us with al the awnsers and they are all around us, its a great way to solidify our deens and deepen our knowledge of the wonderful light wich is ISLAM

  • View author's info Posted on May 02, 2007 at 08:12 PM

    First of im not hostile toward anyone who dosent pose a direct threaat to me or my belifes ays dont fall into that categry unles they atack me or my faith /family.that having been said the Quran seems to have made the statements pritty clear:
    Here are direct passages from the Quran about homosexuality and supporting that the idea that it is wrong...

    Lot said to his people, "You commit such an abomination; no one
    in the world has done it before! "You practice sex with the men,
    instead of the women. Indeed, you are a transgressing people."

    "Do you have sex with the males, of all the people? "You forsake
    the wives that your Lord has created for you! Indeed, you are
    transgressing people."
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 29, 2007 at 06:35 PM

    salaam sister rimah83..i agree with what you say that one must not argue when they do not know...but then again the Quran and all the other scrpitures forbid same sex realtionships..Allah SWT definatley did take time out in this busy schedule so that when we read his scriptures we see what his desires are and what is not..pre mariatal sex is forbidden just as being gay or whether we are scholars or not we all read the Quran which gives the translation at some time in our sure that one don't have to be a scholar to understand this.
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 27, 2007 at 08:22 PM

    dont worry alex a gay muslim is just a really happy this life...ok bad joke hes a homosexual a man who wants to be sexual with a man or a woman who wants to be sexual with a woman.
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 27, 2007 at 08:19 PM

    This user has made some pritty seriuys statement and for one a going to explore its sorces simply becouse if its out there hes not the only one and before we knw it homosexuality in islam will be the next bug in our food. lets use this canadian/lesbian/muslim woman for example...that having been said you can be gay and muslim just as you can be muslim and not wair hijab or...commit other sins and as another user said jus becouse hes a sinner dosent make him not a muslim...becouse then were all kinda in really hot water...granted some hotter than others but im sure you get the point its not for us to judge ALLAh swt took the time to mark out a date and time of his buissy schedule to take care of all that so ets just do what we can to keep our iman stron an our ummah stronger. and rember Islam is a religion of intellect...we all know the truth but cant argue on a point we havent taken the time to look into. If im confronted with this topic while doing dawah...i want to know wha im talking about and belive me word lie this will travel fast so were best to prepareourself witht he RELEVANT facts salam to all my brothers and sistr warahmatulah
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 16, 2007 at 04:44 PM


    That is soooo Distgusting, People are losing in this days. They don't know and some know that it's haraam at the same time. May allah forgive us!!
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 25, 2007 at 05:27 PM

    salaam american muslim guy...i thought that abu lahab was gay as well????..can any one verify that?? and he was the prophet[pbuh] that was in the prophets era...
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 11, 2007 at 10:12 AM

    Subhan Allah, there is overwhelming evidence that being with the same sex is haraam. If you read the Qur'an in which Allah is talking about the people of Lut AS, there is no doubt. If you read the hadith where an nabi SAWS said kill the one doing it and the one allowing it. Or the narrations of the salaf where one of them said, "take them atop a mountain and throw them off". This was based on the fact that Gabril AS took the people of Lut very high and slammed them back into the earth. But since your a scholar, you already know this...right..?

    Also brother mansoor, it isn't just american muslims that think they know everything, that problem is worldwide, shameful but true. So do not generalize ahki.
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 09, 2007 at 03:55 AM

    If you just see, this person is called muslim american guy, so americans see themselves knowing religions or anything in this world more than anybody else, they do research and get PhDs and so many other titles which they give themselves, they try to start islam of their own, you can see farakhanism, you can see a lady with a PhD trying to lead muslim in prayers, but they forget one thing, you don't need to do a research to know what is right and what is wrong in islam, Prophet has said, I have left you in a clear way, the night is like the day, there are no grey areas in islam and we don't need any PhD holders or the presidents of any nonsense country to tell us what is right in our religion, we have our own references which are unchanged till this very moment, ask any common muslim, even from any village in remote area if gayism or lesbianism is allowed in islam...

    One thing you should differentiate, if a person does gay act even he is a ruler of whichever empire does not mean that justifies the act, it might be so in other religions but not islam, the prophet says, there is no obedience to a created creature against the creator...

    And my american friend, if you require dalils or what you call proof, we might give you enough and that also we are professors or researchers like yourself ...

    Please leave our religion alone...
  • View author's info Posted on Oct 15, 2006 at 02:18 PM

    To the posters here:

    I pray for Allah to forgive you for your ignorance and animosity toward fellow human kind.
    As a scholar, I could probably take you all to task on your baseless assertions about homosexuals and Islam.

    There is absolutely no basis for homosexulity being a sin during the time of our prophet (pbuh) nor in the most glorious Qur'an.

    The sad part is the general ignorance and inablility to see the whole timeline of human history in todays world both by Christians and Muslims.

    Sadly those of you that use Sodom or Lut are sorely mistaken. Sure it is "common knowledge" you think, but this is wrong. Sodom was NOT punished for homosexuality, that was not its sin.

    In fact "homosexual" is not even a word used in the Qur'an. Sadly, muslim scholars have assumed the ignorance of Christian scholars to quickly equate this story of Sodom to homosexuality.

    The acts of homosexulality that is referenced as in the Bible are extensions of trying to humiliate and overpower others (travelers/the angels/etc) it was a customary raping custom to defile people and humiliate them (all the while while they had wives).

    I implore you all to research this topic to truly understand the ignorance and possible manipulation of our Islamic and Biblical scholars.

    It is important if you believe in the Quran and Islam, then it must prove to be academically and historically accurate. Thus if you look at Academic and Historian scholars of Islam and Christianity (both muslim and not) they will attest to the fact that there is NO basis of homosexulaity being illegal or a sin even during the time of the prophet. All this corroption came afterwards....and ebbed and flowed, as in many Islamic empires homosexuality was not even hidden, and was even celebrated in the cultures.

    Please do serious and rigourous research before you defile other people. Academic research only attests to the beauty of our divine faith.
    May Allah open your hearts to the truth and beauty of pure Islam!
  • View author's info Posted on May 06, 2006 at 07:02 AM

    If your desires turn towards the same sex, then you have a problem which you have to control. With all the media on TV encouraging this kind of desire and cultures, it is not uncommon to find brothers/sisters having these thoughts.

    As with any haram thoughts, you must try to expunge them and not dwell on them thinking its okay.

    The failsafe is always the quran & sunnah if it against that then you know your wrong and not it. So it's just that you need to sort it out - look at it like a problem, which doctor you gonna listen to - the world and the silly people in it, or allah and his messenger?
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 14, 2006 at 11:54 AM

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

    Muslim and Gay. These two words dont go together. The reason why Allah punished the nation of Lut(a.s.) was because they refused women and did it with males. If a person is muslim and has feelings to be or become gay then they must know that is seytans work. Allah doesnot make people Gay or Bi or whatever. The ones who get this trouble must seek a spiritual doctor.(no mediums) someone working for free(fisabilillah) May Allah help us all.
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 04, 2006 at 10:05 AM

  • View author's info Posted on Feb 25, 2006 at 07:06 AM

    Excuse me if I say:
    I am really said to hear about those gays. I wish God will guide them to the straight path. It is disgusting. But I was wondering why you talk about the gay like he is not Muslim. He is sinner. It is major sin but it does not taking him out of the circle of Islam.

    Let us ,anyway, avoid judging others
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 09, 2006 at 06:40 PM

    Gays on my board?! This un-acceptable.
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