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    Salam all brothers and sisters. I think this topic on this Muslim site is totally unnecessary or if I may say absurd, so let it die or finish at this spot.
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    As salaamu alaikum brothers and sisters we all agree there are no gay submiters to the will of Allah other wise they wouldnt be gay. To the brother who wants to know what gay is, its a man that prefers a man than a woman to be his mate, or doesn't mind either one. Check out si_roy he's amongst us but not of us. And the other kat that started the gay only forum site right here, whats his name. Said" not for those crazy people". Meaning us straight folk, but who's crazy ??? We or they ??? May Allah give them Hidiyah before some one takes there heada. This type of behaviour is so vile and despicable Allah destroyed sodom & gamorrah for it. Plus 3 other things 1.Highway robbery (like car jacking in the states) 2.Men walking around showing off there bodies, (shirts open showing chest, muscle shirts, tight shorts etc,etc,) 3.Dishonesty in trade and dealings with each other (like usury which has many faces) and Allah knows best. Also in the Quran is says women guilty of lewdness(lesbians?) confine them to houses until death do claim them or Allah made another way for them , im not a scholar but I dont see where a way was made unless they repented and changed there ways, otherwise seems to me they'd die in that house !! Which was life imprisonment, same for the men ayats 15-16 sura nisa which is indefinite and perhaps intentionally so, and Allah knows best. Now where sodom & gamorrah was destroyed nothing has grown to this day. The dead sea is just that, DEAD! The scientist today say that the salt alone in that sea would cause the motor of a boat to seize up and stop, and if you got any of the water in your mouth it would kill you. The arceologist or people that study rocks and formations say, that the rock on the top of the earth at that place is not from the top of the earth, but from its core! which seems to me they where turned out, turned over and planted !!! All because they desobeyed Allah and they where warned ,Lut a.s Ibraheem A.s's nephew said" come not unto men but take one of my Daughters. They didn't want that. They wanted what was going to destroy them, Allah's servant. So nothing in the eyesight of Allah has change concerning these people ,there sick to say the least. But my lord is Most Gracious Most Merciful even in punishment, for example, the Ulema say that the angel Allah sent to destroy these heathen only used the tip of one wing, not a whole tip. Like the tip of our smallest finger. Can we imagine what it would have been like if a whole wing or all !! the wings of Allah's servant where used !!?? I do not belive we could. Thats ALLah's Mercy. Allah say's "MY MERCY PREVAILS OVER MY WRATH" ,Hadith QUDSI .

    SO WHO'S CRAZY ???

    But please si_roy and the rest of you Kats in the closet's dont take that for granted!!! Allah will get you(if you dont repent) he just wont stickit all to ya! and Allah knows best. So our nabi(pbuh)my Commander in Chief gave the verdict during his time which was ,take them to the highest mountain in the land and push them over, a punishment befitting the crime until Allah sent sura Nisa verse 16, And Allah knows best. I seek refuge in Allah from there affliction, from weak heartedness and the inability to speak out against that which Allah dislikes. Amin. If I offended anyone besides the gay's please accept my apology. Hanif2003
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    I agree with u, a gay is out of islam, so can't be both at the same time..
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    Haraam!!! Haraam! Haraam! that is forbidden in Islam. We in trinidad call gays "bullermen" Trust me you dont want to about it!
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