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    Aasalam-o-Alaykum Friends,

    I have arrived from Pakistan about four months ago and have been studying under Queen Mary univerity London during this time. These days I am having extremely difficult time with university financials.

    I have been working really hard just to prove to my professors that I am very serious with my studies and if they can allow me some discount. I have tried all the banks, some prospect employers and people who can finance my final semester studies. I have exhausted all other student support services but all above options went against me because I recently arrived from Pakistan and they require three years stay in UK.

    There is no Muslim community who can help other muslims in UK these days. I am having very difficult time keeping my motivation up. If anyone of you have any suggestion, advice, ideas or anyone who will be able to help at any extent under any circumstances please do let me know.

    If you require my student status and information about my situation, I can provide enough information that you will be able to verify on your own with the university.

    Masha 'Allah my last and fourth sister got married recently and now I am fully focusing on my studies, but the financial circumstances keep pushing me back from achieveing things, have always been in my whole life.

    I will remain grateful if anyone of you can help me to any extent and I will try my best return your favour.
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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 14, 2006 at 02:20 PM

    Wa aleykum selam,
    I know that Birmingham is invested with Pakistani people there is a huge community there you should go there check it out.
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