Expectations of what a woman wants in a man... as she ages. Funny jokes and anecdotes" Forward to friends

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    hi everybody
    u'm 32 years old never marrid girl, but i think my basic expectations are resemble age 22 and also some of 32 . is t odd?

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    Over 62...or Extremely Ugly Man
    whose face looks like a mackeral.

    Will provide his own bag to pull
    over his head, with eyeholes so
    he can at least see....
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    gaamar, you have a wonderful sense of humor.

    A man is at the gym and spots another man putting on a pair of pantyhose. Confused, because he was seen him here before, knows he isn't that sort, then asks, "Why are you putting on pantyhose Carl?" The young male quickly replies, "My girlfriend found them under the front seat of my car and asked me whose they were? I told her they were mine and she's made me wear them ever since!"
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    that was cooool but u forgot da birthdayz...dat includes the children...my husband is 36...n even when he was in his 20's he couldnt remember the kidz birthdayz!!!!
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    Recently female readers were asked about a women's standards with men as they age. Here are a collection of the responses: (taken from the internet)

    Standards (age 22):

    1. Handsome
    2. Charming
    3. Financially successful
    4. A caring listener
    5. Witty
    6. In good shape
    7. Dresses with style
    8. Appreciates finer things
    9. Full of thoughtful surprises
    10. An imaginative, romantic lover

    Revised Standards (age 32):

    1. Nice looking (prefer hair on his head)
    2. Opens car doors, holds chairs
    3. Has enough money for a nice dinner
    4. Listens more than talks
    5. Laughs at my jokes
    6. Carries bags of groceries with ease
    7. Owns at least one tie
    8. Appreciates a good home-cooked meal
    9. Remembers birthdays and anniversaries
    10. Seeks romance at least once a week

    Re-revised Standards (age 42):

    1. Not too ugly (bald head OK)
    2. Doesn't drive off until I'm in the car
    3. Works steady ? splurges on dinner out occasionally
    4. Nods head when I'm talking
    5. Usually remembers punch lines of jokes
    6. Is in good enough shape to rearrange the furniture
    7. Wears a shirt that covers his stomach
    8. Remembers to put the toilet seat down
    9. Shaves most weekends

    Re-re-revised Standards (age 52):

    1. Keeps hair in nose and ears trimmed
    2. Doesn't belch or scratch in public
    3. Doesn't borrow money too often
    4. Doesn't nod off to sleep when I'm venting
    5. Doesn't retell the same joke too many times
    6. Is in good enough shape to get off couch on weekends
    7. Usually wears matching socks and fresh underwear
    8. Appreciates a good TV dinner
    9. Remembers my name on occasion
    10. Shaves some weekends

    Re-re-re-revised (age 62):

    1. Doesn't scare small children
    2. Remembers where bathroom is
    3. Doesn't require much money for upkeep
    4. Only snores lightly when asleep
    5. Remembers why he's laughing !
    6. Is in good enough shape to stand up by himself
    7. Usually wears clothes
    8. Likes soft foods
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    Nice details, and quite true. But i'm 21 years old, so under what age group do I fit ?. Under 22 ?

    Nice topic...
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    Salams Sister..

    Haha.. I think it's hilarious too!

    Fee Amanillah,
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