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    I won't go in to detail but the reason why there is so much confusion about what is haram and what isn't is due to the fact that the muslim Ummah left the Holy Alulbayt the prophet and his family and the 12 holy Imams
    people started to misinterpretate the dont be alarmed o muslims by someones misinterpretations of whats forbidden etc..... i close my message.
    Allah hafiz
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    Salamu aleykum,

    well pity you think like that there are lots of people who know what is haram and what is halal. the ahli beyt didnot die they are stil around but have you been searching? Alhamdulilah I can say I know what is hallal and what is haram, but how many can this now. Thats only because I have a connection with the ahle beyt.

    The Nation (in Totality) Will Never Be in Manifest Error to the Core

    Among these ordinances is that the Muslim Nation will never be completely immersed into error for there will always be people who will stand up to any violation of Allah's Decrees, guided by the Qur'an and the Sunnah. They will call upon people to cling to the right, enjoin on them what is good, and forbid them from what is evil as Almighty Allah says:

    "And of those We have created are people who direct (others) with truth; and dispense justice therewith." (7:181)

    A great number of hadiths talked about the victorious group of Muslims that will embrace the truth until the Hour is established as follows:

    "There will always be a group of my Nation who will cling steadfastly to the truth, until the Hour is established." [Note: Reported by Al-Tayalisi, Al-Darimi, and Al-Hakim on the authority of
    Umar]conclusion find a spiritual guide.
    May Allah guide us all and forgive us.(amin)
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