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    aight soo let me start my story ok im 18 i have a girl friend shes not muslim and shes italian christian. i know im not sopposed to be doing anything before marriage but its pressure i do understand the concept and everything but thing is that i know shes not religious and i know for a fact im not gonna be getting married anytime sooon soo thing is that im a lil confused plz give normal anwsers girls PLZZZZ ANWSER HERE I NEED A HONEST ANWSER HERE and i dont want to push her into converting till shes ready or talk bout it u knoww but thats my concern if u understand holla but if u dont then write soemthing anywayz salam
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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 28, 2006 at 09:55 PM

    i am from ontario 2 and same age.. I just converted not long ago and my ...well.. i am dating someone but we are going to get married. he is pakistani muslim. i did not really consider islam until i met him but i made my decision to be a muslimah.. and it was not a forced decision, and i made it on my own. and i am happy with it.. for your situation.. i dont know..have you ever talked to her about becoming muslim? how her family would feel about it? if her family is italian christians then maybe. u might not get the best responses and acceptance u hope u wud look for..
    i really dont think my family would accept it..but they are not religious..
    talk to your girlfriend about it.. if you are not thinking about marriage with this girl then whats the point? talk about it with her, in the end its her decision to convert or not, and if she is serious about you.. then again she shouldnt convert just for the sake of you, she should for herself and for love of allah.
    allah bless you, and keep you on the right path.
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