is there such a thing as rape within marriage? marriage Forward to friends

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    there used to an old English law which gave permission for a husband to do what ever he pleased to his wife coz he was the provider..but that all changed a few years back.

    however i was shocked to find that some Muslim scholars also think that there is no such thing as rape within marriage because it is seen as exactly the same!...because the men are the providers and supposedly our majis kudars...[godlike] there anyone who could clarify this or have any knowledge on this?
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  • View author's info Posted on Sep 04, 2006 at 06:23 AM

    thank you every one for their comments i truly be live in wot faruq 253 has said n i have read this also..but the problem is that there are some guyz who feel that despite the fact that their wives do everything to please them it still is not enough..yes i do agree that there should be a valid reason..same for the man as but at the end of the day i think that they both should have a good understanding...i dont agree with wot sister Alexandra06 has said n i really dont think that we women are seen as sex slaves to our husbands.

    i do be live that there are some women who do this on purpose but there are other women who have soooo many children and are tired for all this by the end of the day. again i feel that if there is real love from both ends then this shouldn't be a problem...but there are so many women..young n old who go through hell despite valid reasons.
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    Salaam Alaikum Sister
    As a Muslim Man who was married for a long time,I would remind her of the Hadith of The Holy Prophet S.A.W.That A Wife should not refuse her husband without good reason.But I also taught my Wife as I learned to not keep her in the dark about other Religious matters.So when she did refuse me.She would say that she had a valid reason.I would inquire as to the reason and she would say,when you show me the list of valid reasons,I will show you which one.I Loved her very much and afforded her all of her rights and I was pleased with her.So my answer is Rape is a terrible thing and is not part of our Religion.The unfortunate part of it is in some cultures it is widely acceptable.If a man truly loves Allah and his Messenger then he will find no need for rape.
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