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    If you love someone, being apart is hard but it is going to take patience and faith in order for it to work. The most important thing to do is to find a way to see each other and figure out together what is important to each other.Difference is great and keeps a relationship on its toes, never boring but it also can be hard.In any relationship you have to respect their feelings,respect them as a person and everything they stand for,put yourself in their situation when things get hard to understand where they are coming from.No matter where you come from a woman is a woman and a man is a man, the difference is culture which is very intriging and always remember no matter where you come from, you are your own individual,that is what makes you ,YOU. And when you both feel good with everything then decide where you want to be and find out the right way to be together[marriage, etc]. I'm telling you this because i'm american ,reverted to a muslim just recently,and married to a tunisian and the last 4yrs have been hard ,we even split up 2x and this time we are giving each other the chance that we deserve.One other thing,not to scare you but coming from different culture, you have to be open with everything and pay attention to eachother ,accept the difference and work as a team when there are problems.Do not pressure eachother. I hope that I help you some. I love my husband and the differences that we have.That is what makes are marriage worth working out.That is why we cannot let eachother go. You take care and GOOD LUCK.... your friend, linda saoudi from florida,usa
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    I have been most p thinking about the title of ur forum(borderlines), and it took me little further than the geographical meaning of it. I found out that there are so many borderlines in our life as a human being androp ably we gradually created them to be different and distinguished from, first other types of creatures, 2nd from our race.
    We succeeded in defining borderlines not only in between countries but also within one place which led to differences in believes, cultures....
    may be within the same society.
    Regardless all of these barriers, we still have the same feeling, desire,... .
    I think difference is really a beautifully thing if we understand it.
    It can be very constructive at any level of relationships, It just take time.
    Thank you for your idea.
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    i liek ur idea and its true love is love dont know country or place or time the love come 2 our hearts and make us cant stop until we be with person we want i love woman in usa and i am in egypt and all i want is 2 be togther and i dont know what we can do

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