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  • View author's info Author posted on Sep 03, 2006 09:16

    i have been divorced since 2003.

    i've been looking for my ideal life partner but i keep finding USERS.

    i'm wondering is there anybody ouot out there for me ??

    do i continue to hunt for miss right or rely on my destiny/faith..

    or simply go pakistan and close my eyes and just get married to whom my parents say ??


    (p.s jst went to umrah recently n begged outside the kaabah for marriage)

    WHEN WHEN WHEN will i get married ???????????????
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  • View author's info posted on Apr 18, 2008 09:34

    boy, play it cool, let them come to you enjoy it while it lasts, don't put so much -tve energy behind that.
    what's yours will come in time.
    in the mean time,don't be no wuss
  • View author's info posted on Sep 26, 2006 21:23

    salam brother,
    i juss wanted 2 ask u 2 plz be patient. put ur faith nd trust in Allah, the All Knowing. only He knows wats best 4 u, perhaps dats y u are not married yet, Allah knows best nd whether u get married next week, next month, next yr, or even neva, its wats best. Alhamdullah 4 everything, whether good or bad, because everything happens 4 a reason, neva forget dat Allah works in mysterious ways.
    Take care brother Allah Yeshfik Inshallah
    p.s Patience is a virtue.
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