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    I remember my childhood and then was a true feeling of a place wher a felt save was with my family. But now I m grown out of that.

    Life has fases. And my childhood is behind me. Family I do respect but they are also behind me. Now I must move on to independantce why in order to become my own leader to be strong to make a family of my own. A weak tree will not bare fruits it will hang over and as soon as the fruits come out the fruits will fall before their time to the ground.

    In order to become strong one must unite with the best partner one can find. And when they mutate they make eachother stronger. Thus making good fruits which will hold in the life untill their time comes to be picked and start a tree of there own. thus the life cycle will be complete. If you wont let the fruit be picked the fruit will become bold and old and it will shrink and no one will want to pick that fruit becouse they will dislike it for not being in time. The fruit will feel also remorse for not hurrying when the time was set. thus it cannot change its faith no more. Every thing has its time. I wish I could go back and do more studying and getting masters doctors or proffesors degree so people would respect me and learn from me, I am little starting be like the fruit who didnot use the right time. And marriage is also like that.

    In the Quran Allah swears by the time:
    The Age(Sura Wal'Asr)
    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

    [103.1] I swear by the time,
    [103.2] Most surely man is in loss,
    [103.3] Except those who believe and do good, and enjoin on each other truth, and enjoin on each other patience.

    The people will waste 3 things when in good health they will enjoy comfort and forget to do as many good deeds as possible and when they become sick they regret by saying woo to me for I wish I had the health to do more good deeds, also when young they enjoy harams and playing and when grown old they are full-of regret would that I be of those who offered my young age for Allah so I would be closer to Allah and last butnot least when angel of Death comes they will ask for a little time to repent for their bad deeds. But it will not be given to them.

    Our prophet (Sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam) said: hasten to do 3 things in time:1 when the call for adhan is heared hurry for salah 2 when a girl is found to marry dont waste time marry quickly and 3 when someone dies hasten to burry them.
    103.2 Innal Insane le fee Ghusr, Verily man is in loss.
    Thanks for your time reading
    May Allah bless us all (amen)
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    salaam brother abd so nice to hear from u..as usual u are right but its never to late for anything..look at me I'm 37 n have only just become a 2ND yr student in law..it was damm hard especially with a husband like mine but i really be live that what ever Ur gonna achieve it would be when Allah commands it in Ur life other wise we would have everything in the world. so dont give up doesn't mean that u have aged a little n its too late we have only one life n we will be questioned about it when we die..its better to do something now n help who we can especially as we live in the western world where we have the facilities to better our lives...maybe theres a reason why we were put on this side of the world.
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