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    Allahumme Sali ala seyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sellim.


    Shia's say that our prophet Muhammad(saws) made Ali the caliph above all else.

    On the autority of Sad Ibn Ebu Vakkas(R.A.) who said that the prophet (Saws) said about Hazrat Ali(R.A.) :
    "You and me are like Musa(a.s.) and Harun(a.s.) the difference there will be no prophet after me."

    In the book "Mesabih" a hanefi Fiqh alim Tur-Besti,Fadlullah bin Hasan(Rahmetullahi Aleyh) says: When our prophet went to the battle of Tebuk he made Hazrat Ali(k.v.) the caliph of the muslims in Medina. He commanded him to be Caliph(leader) so Ali (R.A.) could aid the people in their affairs.
    When the munafiqs(hypocrits) heared of this they said:" Rasullallah(saws) did not make Ali(r.a.) his Caliph.The prophet is fed up being with Ali, if Ali were to acompany him it would be hard for the prophet thats why he did not want Ali to acompany him on this battle."
    When hazrati Ali heared the nonsense talks of the hypocrits he armed himself with his sword and went to the prophet(saws) who has in a place called Curf and he caught up with him. Ali(R.A.) said: Ya Rasullallah: the hypocrits are saying that you didnot make your slave(reffering to himself) the Caliph.That when you let me acompany you, you would not be comfortable that also that it would be best for me to stay here so it would not be difficult for you.
    Rasullallah(saws) replied: The hypocrits are lying. I have made you the Caliph over the people who are left behind in Medina.Return and be the Caliph over my people. Ya Ali would you not like to be with me like Musa and Harun were together?
    [7.142] And We appointed with Musa a time of thirty nights and completed them with ten (more), so the appointed time of his Lord was complete forty nights, and Musa said to his brother Haroun: Take my place among my people, and act well and do not follow the way of the mischief-makers.

    Muslim Serhi has said that shia's and other sects like Rafizi used this hadis to their advantage. According this hadis the right of becoming Caliph was of hazrat Ali.Ali was pleased for someone else to become the Caliph. The shia sects have debated amids themselfs.The Rafizi said that because before Ali others were chosen the ashabi kiram(hacha) is kafir. Another group went beyond that and said: It was Ali's right to become Caliph but he didnot want it and did not fight for this title so they named Ali (hacha/no way) kafir.Because these people are very wrong.Their thinking is very ridiculious so no one replied to their sayings.

    Kadi (Rahmetullahi aleyh) said: it is obvious those who call Ali(R.A.) and the sahabi kiram (radillahu anhuma ecmain) kafir are kafir themselfs. Because Islam came to us via the sahaba i kiram.(they informed us about islam) by making such big slander about the sahabe i kiram the religion of Islam will not stand.But wihin the Rafizi group only the markedly restrained ones were the only ones who said that the Sahabe i kiram are (hacha) kafir.

    When Imam Zeyne'l Abdin died(R.A.)his son Zeyd rebelled against the Caliph of Hischam. so one group of the shia's went to Kufe.When Zeyd heared the Shia soldiers cursing at the Sahaba ikram he prevented them and advised them. Then the Shia's dispersed.Zeyd was left with a small army which later got martyred. The ones that fled were called Rafizi(which is named after people who fled from a battle). Later they called them selfs "Imamiyya".

    So the Imamiyya and partly from the mutezili(other group) said that the sahaba ikiram made a error by selecting other besides Hazrat Ali as Caliph.They didnot say that they had become infidels. Actually there is no proof that the way the Shia's claim Ali becoming the Caliph at Medina when the prophet Saws went to the battle of Tebuk.It only proofs hazrat Ali(R.a) worthyness. But it doesnot state that he is higher then others or togetherness in same level. There is no proof that he would become Caliph after Muhammad(saws). More strong evidence about this is as follows: Hazrat Ali is compared to hazrat Harun. When Musa went to talk with Allah he made Harun his Caliph. However Harun didnot become Caliph after Musa . A very well-known hadis states that Hazrat Harun died 40 years before Musa did.So in that case why should just because Prophet Muhammad (saws) went to a battle in Tebuk be reason for Ali to be the Caliph after Muhammad
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    This is a good link.... , you know!!
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    To Brother abd muminin,

    The Shia (12ers) or Rafizi as you call them do not only stand at the narrations
    ( hadiths) that you mentioned about the
    right of Ali (Karrama Allahu Wajhahu)
    and after him the Imams from the family of the prophet.
    The strongest of all that you need to answer to is that the prophet has appointed or ( recommended if you well)
    Ali (KAW) as a successor after him was
    in the Hijjatu Alwafaa'- the last pilgrimage- before the prophet (pbuh)
    at the Ghadiri-Khumm9 The spring of Khum, where he had gathered the Muslims
    and the Sahaba themselves to declare Ali as a Wali and Caliph after him, and it is mentioned in the books of Ahlul-Sunnah all these details and specifically that Omar(RA) came to Ali
    to congratulate him. Of course the Shia
    add more details to this narrative (hadith)
    - Also brother, just to add to your information, that the Shiia(always I mean the 12ers, Imami, here)also support
    their claims about the 12 imams by a narrative(hadith) that the prphet had said" the imams ( or Caliphs, in another version of the hadith) are 12 after me, all of whom are from Quraish(the largest tribe in Arabia).
    But ahlulSunnah interpret this Hadith
    as the 12 imams are the 4 Caliphs plus
    Omar Bin Abdul Aziz, The Mahdi at the
    end of times, and the others Allah has spread them out throughout the Times.

    -Also Shias support their claims( from their side of pointview I am talking)
    with another narration, that is found
    in different occurances in the 7 books
    of Ahlul Sunnah, that says:
    " Man Lam Ya'arif Imam Zamanihi Mata
    Maitata AlJahiliiah"
    "Whoever doesn not know(recognize) his
    imam (leader) of his Time, he would
    die the death of Ignorance".
    - Also for your information that they
    add to the narration of the 12 Imams(caliphs) by pointing to 2 Sunni books
    that mention this narration add mention that the prophet mentions the 12 imams by names, one of the 2 Sunni books is called Yanabe'a Almawaddah- The Springs of the Courtesy".
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    acmnamin write:

    MasAllah thanks for your article.

    Can you provide some links in web to read more about this article.

    - amin

    Assalamu aleykum,
    this is not from internet but from a book and it is in Turkish.
    May Allah bless you(amin)
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