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    whin the pope gave his spech and called mohammed and the Quran evil i almost did. i whas so shocked i coldent speck. naw i see on tv all the time whare thay mack fun of mohammed.thave made him a which. thave made him into a cartoon. and thay made him have which like pawers. thay have him throwing fier from his hands and akting stuped. thay have him flying in the are and killing people in the name of allah. it macks me so mad.thay mack him say bad thangs, sex related. and kides are whaching it...
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  • View author's info Posted on Sep 28, 2006 at 03:41 PM

    salaam sister, unfortunately this is only the beginning, it wont be long when the whole world will turn against the Muslims like Hitler did with the Jews, no place will be safe for us, we are divided amongst our own sects let alone non Muslims.

    the quran states that the whole world be rid of Muslims n the faroon [atheists will rise] its then that the Muslim race will rise again, but unfortunately it will be qaymat then [judgment day],

    these quotes are made in favor of the western u know noting about the DA vinici code?..its how these catholic holy men abused their positions to become the top men in their religion, same like how the Jews abused n used hazart Isa alay Islam[Jesus]..I'm sure that u would be aware of this coz Ur living in the western world.

    I'm living for today sister not tom morrow. i have children who i am raising to be good Muslims [inshallah] coz we dont know what lies in our path tom morrow, if we educate our tom morrow then it will give rise to Islam as well, our children would love their faith not hate it as the pope n various other western politians enjoy doing.
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