Lies, lies and lies...... relationship

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    Well it does hurts..but i guess dats life. Dun let sadness n bitterness in your heart rule you and mess up your thoughts. Be calm, say some prayers and think clearly. Should you be sad while your other partner is enjoying? It certainly should be the other way around. Dun conceed victory so soon, life's a long battle.

    The best solution to every problem is to pray to good for his guidance every time you want to make a decision in your life, be in love, family, work or business. Every muslim knows that but how many actually practises it?? No wonder we hear so much regret and complaining.

    The solution is already there in the Quran for more than a thousand years, so use it for goodness sake.
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    Its a sad reality that people lie for temporary satisfaction. Just today someone looked me in the eye and lied to my face eventhough I knew the truth ... What do you do? I could have strangled him but that wouldn't solve anything. I just do not understand how people can be so devious. Do they not know the sacred teachings of Islam? I'm far from perfect but I know that the teachings can never be wrong. Allah (swt( is great and all these LIARS will pay, sooner or later for all the hurt they cause!!!

    And if Allah doesn't help me out, I'll sort them out. Killing them with undying kindness ofcourse. Coz let's face it, you are better than them
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    Why people hide their identity? It is just stupidity ,bcos if u wanna find new relation, whatever it will be, but If u speak truth i think u will get a long live relationship but if u tell lie, u might get relationship soon but it would be perpetual or temporary.
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    I dont understand wats going on there.
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    well thats not right.
    was it a cyber one or real life ?
    are you still together?
    IM so sry i wil pray for you sister
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    I am new to this website. I found out about this website the same time when I found out that my husband had an intimate relationship with one of the user in this website. I am very sad that he used this website as a "platform" to get to know anor woman.
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    Interesting sister
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