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    Muslim Sheah or (Shi?ite).
    They are a group of Muslims who live mainly in Iran(80%), Iraq(30%), Lebanon(15%),and almost every other Muslim country as minors.
    I would like any body who?s sheah or who knows anything about sheah to participate, and comment on some of the sheah's believes and rituals: like believing that only Ali(KAW)and his sons Alhasen & Alhuseen(alyhoma-aslam)should take over Klafah(leadership)after Prophet Mohamed(SAAW)? another is: believing all Prophet Sahaba's are kafers except a few of them, and those include Abu-baker, Omer, Othman, Kalid ibin alwaleed, and almost everyone? and what about "Latem" the ritual of beating themselves on Ashura(the day Alhuseen was killed)? and lastly: what about the "Aurfi" marriage, which is actually allowing themselves to get married for a week, two, or whatever they like, as much times as they want in their life time. Is it true what they stand for? and is right what they're doing?
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    palizbarbie write:
    wow these is really deep


    Shukran ya Ameerah
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