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    Dear sister pls dun be afraid or lose hope, there's always hope. So be strong and face what comes. I guess its not so bad after all if you take a positive outlook in life. I'd like to be your friend..
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    my sister don t give up allah is with u and helping u.u ll meet the right man but for sure.
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    are you crazy or what ? you said you lived in America over 20 years .. dont you know you that you will go to jail for having a second wife here ? its kind of weird that a computer ingenieur like you is not aware of that ( in case you really are what you pretend )..... my advice to you is to bring your wife and daughter if you miss them so much and cant live without them , there is no such thing as second wife here, you may like it hate it or just ignore it its a fact that you have to live an deal with !!! so my advice to you bring your family, if by chance you find some kind of nerd or retarded lady that will accept to be a wife for few months a year , your real troubles are not over yet, it will take only a tip from somebody around you or herself to inform the authorities that you are already married to be charged with polygamy put in jail and sent back home with a criminal record and no more working here its that what you want ???
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    Alsalamo alykom,

    Don?t give up the hope in Allah?s mercy, have plenty of saber, I have been single most of my life, I stayed over twenty years here in the states single, and there was a times when I looked around me and shad tears because I am spending my youth alone, I can?t find a halal relationship while if I want to, I could have had just about any thing, Allah has kept away from falling into sine alhamdo Lellah, I always insisted in marring a Muslim woman and be the first man in hear life, and I had no luck of finding one here, eventually I was able to go back home to Egypt when I was 43, there I got married over there and I have one beautiful daughter alhamdu lellah, now I am back here in the states, I have to come back for work, so I travel back home to Egypt every few month; however, after been married I don?t want stay single even for one day living alone here in the states, I have had enough of been alone, so now I intend in finding a wife and a friend here in the states, I know how you are feeling of being alone, I have been there,. I don?t mind to marry to strong muslimah who has children, if she don?t min polygamy, I want more beautiful children in shaa Allah, You have been blessed to find Islam and I believe maybe you are blessed to have found me too. I would like to know you to see if we have common interest in each other, gazaky Allah kola khayer.

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