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    salam dear friends,
    there is one thing you all will agree that quran is written in such a concise manner that we need to interpret it and also discuss detail with eachother. what should be done when suppose two person interpret in different ways? these days i hear news about fatwas against famous imrana's (poor sister) matter. some foolish mullahs saying she is haram to her husband as her father-in-law raped her. i read the verse(sura nisa) they have given reference of. when you read the whole verse you will come to a conclusion that she was haram for her father in law in the first place as she was in nikahh(marriage) with the son as told in sura. so her father inlaw should be punished. and by the way its marriage that if a person marry a girl she will be haram for marriage to the step son but see the word"marriage" .
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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 07, 2006 at 04:23 AM

    Ya ahki, I have a very good book that is titled "How to Understand the Qur'an" by Shaykh Muhammad Jameel Zeeno.

    Firstly, the Qur'an is to be explained by the tafseer of the Qur'an.

    Secondly, the Qur'an is to be explained by the authentic hadeeth.

    Thirdly, the Qur'an is to be explained by the sayings of the companions.

    Fourthly, the Qur'an is to be explained by the sayings of the taabi'een.

    And fifthly, the Qur'an is to by explained by the arabic language.

    It is too appearent that these so-called learned men in your area are not, I repeat, not using the rulings astracted from the Qur'an wa sunnah. Nobody has the right to interpret the Qur'an wa sunnah to suit their desires.

    Like you I feel sadden by these evil men using their positions to try to change the rulings of Allah. May Allah guide these people who've been wronged by these evil men upon the straight path. Keep them there, and bless them with the highest level of Jennah; ameen. And may Allah guide these evil men to do that which He loves; ameen.
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