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    Dear friend (Author),
    Regarding about your case/problem, I understand about your situation.
    You and your boyfriend have done sin.
    There are few points that I would like to mention.
    When you said you are interested in Islam and would like to embrace Islam,
    are you sincere to embrace Islam because you believe in Allah and Islam?
    Are you just want to embrace Islam because you want to marry a Muslim man?
    Only you heart and God will know about your sincerity.
    May be it is quite simple to test ones
    sincerity and honesty in embracing Islam to believe in Allah.
    If her/his Muslim lover leave her either before marriage or after marriage will the person still want to embrace Islam? Only her heart and God will know her sincerity and honesty.

    Your boyfriend may be responsible for his deed and wrong doing.
    Both of you may like to marry, may be just to cover the wrong deeds and shame. This is another matter whether your are sincere in you marriage.

    In Islam, if both couple have done adultery or having a child before marriage, the man who sleep with the woman is not the legal father of the child is Islamic perspective.
    Both of you, may cover your shame, but your Muslim lover is still not the father of the child in Islamic perspective eventhough both of you will marry in the Islamic way.
    If both of you decided to put the name of your lover or future husband as the father of child, both of you are sinful. It will give another problem if the child will get marry one day especially if the child is a girl.

    My advice, if you are sincere to embrace Islam, do gain knowledge about Islam and hope you will become a good and sincere muslim.
    May Allah guide you and your Muslim lover to become SINCERE AND GOOD muslim, Amiin.

    Sorry, I don't have the intention to hurt your feeling, but just my sincere and honest opinion.

    Yours sincerely,
    Servant of Allah
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  • View author's info Posted on Jun 25, 2006 at 05:55 AM

    This has to be a difficult situation for the both of u. However, he knows his mother best and if he thinks that waiting would be appropriate then you need to accept that.
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