Assalmo alikom marriage

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    asslamu alaikum

    don't be sorry for ranting, it was really thoughtful of you, thank you for your du'as and inshalla Allah will keep you in the best of health and imaan.

    take care

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    I keep reading people's dire need to be married, hmm. Surely a great thing if and when allah wills but guys/gals come on, read your Quran. Allah did not create man and jinn except to worship him (allah). If your sole intention is worship alhumdulilah, but really don't seek solace in marriage to perfect your life.
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    Insha'Allah I pray this finds everyone in the best health and iman,ameen. I guess the reason for my post would be,marriage,of course. I have read over the posts and find myself in a similiar situation as some of the ladies here have been in,divorcee. Allhamdoiliah.Tough to meet that right person after a divorce. Also,am an american revert,so that seems to be even tougher at times.Sorry for the rant,I pray everyone finds there other half.Warm Salams
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