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    on 9 11 bush whas in his car going to a school to reed a book to kids. an the whay thar he whas toled that the ferst bellding whas hit. he whent to the school eneywhay. he sat whith the children and lafed and played. thin he whas toled the seckind tawer whas hit. he sat thar for 15 menots and did nothing. he new his people wher diging and he whas redding a book. did you know this. its trow. i saw him. my cosen whas one of the littel gerls in that clas. i whas whith her that day i whas sapost to tack her home. he wasent sad he wasent angry. dos this sawend like a man how cares as much as he is sapos to...
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    Oh yeah did you hear McDonalds latest commercial, they have "rainforest certified" coffee beens now. Never mind the fact that they are one of the main buyers of rainforest ravaging beef.
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 16, 2008 at 04:30 PM

    I think a few flames have been taken out of this thread before i read it, maybe we need a new topic too like "Politics" but anyway.

    I'll start by saying this, one or two days after 911 I saw an American woman who had been near the building being interviewed. Her comments went something like this: These attack are because of our foriegn policies and if we could genuinely live up to our rhetoric and be good to our fellow man things like this need never happen.

    That one voice of sanity was drowned out by a chorus hypocrytes calling for insane vengence in the following months. If Bush had been able to lead supposedly christian America to followed the teachings of Jesus and turn the other cheek terrorism would have been defeated then and there. The USA would been accepted by all as the moral leader of the world.

    But the whole idea is proposterous. Americans oblivious to their waning fortunes in the world remembered the japanese admirals quote about waking the sleeping giant and never considered the posibility of a just peace. That the home of the brave, a country founded on an unlamented genoside could be espouced as a moral leader by anyone more credible than Ronald McDonald is laughable.
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 10, 2006 at 03:34 AM

    sister sweet sufia, i think that u need to click on that button even my 6mth old know how to do that, as for change being ineveitable, well ppl like u then really dont have a life!!!!!....theres something called hope...seems to me that u lost it...look at bob geldofh...one man changed half of Africa, just by showing the world how ppl in the 3rd world really live, if i wanted i can be as rude as u sister and write in capitals as if im shouting at u but im not like u...just coz u live in america and r a citizen dont mean that u have to agree with all the issues that are going on there, i think that u should wake up and take a look around u, u can feed ur child 10xs in a day but there are innocent children thanks to the western policies that are suffering...its up to us as human beings to put a change on that...ppl in the uk put forward pertitions to free the 3rd world of the loans that the world bank was giving to them because of the crippling interest that they were implying on them the countries couldnt pay back...but because ppl sent of pertitions and did march's the western governments got together and freed the 3rd world countries of thease loans..only if the countries where ready to improve their countries by policies laid down by the western government!!!!!

    just shows that things arn't as INEVEITABLE as u seem to think sister...by the way do u belive in Allah (swt)??????...u probably would know that ppl still belive that Allah will help them in thier problems...seems to me that u live ur comfortable life style and have forgotten what it was like when u didnt have all of the mod cons..

    i think that u should get off ur high horse n look at reality in the face...first in ur 4yr olds face...what would happen if u were kicked out of America?...where would u go how would u survive?...would u be stuck up then and all for america?????..hmmm well theres a thought for u...keep thinking sister im sure ur'll get there
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 08, 2006 at 03:07 AM

    salaam sister its nothing new all these western diplomas are all the same, did u know that America is responsible for the poverty in this world?...do u know anything about how mac Donald's is wiping out half the rainforest's in this world?..do u know anything about the coco farmers in Africa? how they are used as child labours being promised the world n then being beaten n even killed coz they are not given wot they are promised in the first place?...do u know how American are selling their goods in Africa and has almost brought the country to a stand still coz no Africans are buying products made in their own country's thanks to cheap products sold by the Americans which has resulted with the crops rotting on the farms coz of this?

    the western world are committing crimes which most of the general public have no knowledge at all of...we have to keep buying free trade products to get the ppl what they rightly deserve
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 23, 2006 at 11:44 PM

    hes army killed a pragnint muslim womin wen her hosbend whas triing to go to the hospetol. his army torchered muslim presaners. his army ciled 30 childerin. hes army raped and kiled a 14 yer oled muslim girl. and thin killed the fammily and berend he boddy. thay killed kids going to school.
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