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    Hi.. i'm an indonesian female living in Bali, Indonesia. Looking for Muslim friends from around the globe. Though i was born as a Muslim, still i have many questions and need to learn more.. my fiance was a catholic and has converted to Muslim because of me .. and i am still struggling to convince him about Islam.. how am i supposed to change his point of view that religion is not a man made creation?
    If anyone of you can help me that I would be so grateful.. but anyway, i am looking for friends here so you can also share your stories to me! :)

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    hi to all
    just wanted to no i am not Muslim. but i do live in the UK and have friends from Netherlands,Australia America and Germany. so if any of you people are just wanting a friend, some one to talk to. then you may contact me.
    but just so every one knows i am happily married with 3 children.
    saying that my youngest daughter has a Muslim friend in school who has had problems and i hate the hassles closed minded people have t other races. best wishes to all kath
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    Hi, you can not push him, it is not the way to go. I believe your role is to be natural as you are and let him take the decision being a convinced and active member in the muslims family.

    Pray for him to be an active muslim is a good idea.

    Praying on Mohamed Salla Allah Alaih Wa Sallam a lot makes miracles.

    "Allahomma salli wa sallem wa barek alla sayedena Mohammed wa Aalehi wa sahbeh adad ma fi elm Allah salatan da'imatan bedawam molk Allah"

    This for example a good pray on our prophit that no one can tell what secrets in it but who do it hundreds every day.

    Once you practice such pray, he will notice the inner lights inside you, when he asks you, give him this pray let him TASTE Islam.
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