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    Just wanted to thank all those who have sent me a wink. I feel bad for not replying because most times i cannot find an appropriate message from the listed responses of free salams.

    I cannot ask you to email me nor to chat with me because i am not a gold member.

    I would have liked to have responded by saying "Thanks, I want to correspond with you, but I am not a gold member, ..." but i dislike the follow up phrase currently available that says that " ...I may be the one for you...."
    This expression is too bold for me to express, as i am a female and i feel shy to suggest as such.

    But i do enjoy exchanging views in the blogs and forums, and active participation, and i look forward to your comments

    salams to all
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    its sound good to me that u apperciate wat u get from muslim brothers,Same problem is here with me that i am not a gold member.but wat can we do,
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