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    A dear friend is getting married in U.S. and i would like to give her a really special wedding gift but am lost for ideas.

    I would like to get her something that is not easily available in America so it could be unique for her but i am not familiar with what is not available in U.S. or what could be the ideal wedding gift. Perhaps one can get almost anything in America!

    In any case, thought i'd pose this question here even though it has nothing to do with Islam. Just thought that since i'm gonna travel the distance to attend the wedding, i might as well get her a gift that's worthwhile... Btw, she is not a muslim and it's gonna be one of those ** garden weddings **

    Any suggestions?
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    lol..fatimah ur so i can agree that coz shes asain n seen it all it might not be a good idea, as for electrically things i dont think so coz when my mom brought back a chopping machine from pakistan it didnt last n it was expensive there. anyway still i think that some sort of decoration stuff would be nice, as for bedsheets...i dont know...again if their typical malyasian stuff then yes it would be nice coz they would stand out...the reason why im saying this coz my mothere in law sent me some...n i didnt like them...coz they were when i went there i found that this was the normal kinda stuff!!!!.its the kinda stuff what they would probably have in the USA..check out the home english friend liked the hand painted pictures from paksitan their relly did everyone have a good think coz most of the stuff what we get in these western countries are quiet plain so something really vibrant would be nice.
    tc ws
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 26, 2007 at 02:09 AM

    salam sister pagaly

    Thanks soo much for the idea...

    Problem is she is Asian, currently lives in Malaysia but will be getting married to an American and settling there, so i don't know if she'd appreciate the oriental decorations as much. But it may still be unique for her new home....

    I was considering jewellery, bedsheets, cetain cutleries or electrical appliances that may be expensive to get from the US .....

    Oh, she knows very well i'll be in my hijab, i had warned her about this....and she doesn't mind fact she welcomes it ...she's eager to see the reactions from the guests and to note who the narrow minded ones are amongst her husband's friends! She knows i have nerves of steel to face any sneers!
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 25, 2007 at 05:40 PM

    salaam fatima,

    well u know the best present that anyone can give to someone is a decoration thing because that is something that alwayz stands out in the house coz its unique in its own way...make sure that its kinda traditional stuff from where u come from.

    i know when i go back home one of the things i go hay wire on is the decoration stuff coz they are so clourful n beautiful..if u try to get them here they cost a dont think that u can get anything in america or any western country coz u can't, but its nice when what u have over there is of better value and quality then here.

    btw those garden weddings..i think that they wear hats on there????...ask here..u might have to get one to fit how different cultures try to fit in.
    tc ws
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